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FIFA 21: How to Make Coins, Best SBCs, Early Investments & All You Need To Know

How to make coins early, How to use it, best SBCs, early investments, Best cards to trade & all you need to know about FIFA 21.

Making coins in FIFA 21 via trading methods could be a daunting task for many because Trends reflect change very fast. However, there are various ways to make or boost coins in FIFA 21.


Yes, you read that right!. FIFA 21 has some in-game matches in Division Rivals, Squad Battles and FUT Champs, which will surely help you to boost coins with weekly rewards. However, trading cards on the market could be a better way to enhance your spending power.

Without any further ado, let’s go through the guide:

How Investing Player Performances Trading Method actually work?

This method totally depends on the ball with the market and live results. If you see two teams playing a match, players will be searching for the best player and buying them up in case an in-form card comes along in the next Team of the Week. You can do the same via either in-game or on the FUT 21 Web app.


Here is a list of ideal players and their prices that you can look to target early on!

Premier League

  • Richarlison – 10,000
  • Willian – 10,000
  • Saint-Maximin – 10,000
  • Reguilon – 10,000
  • Rodrigo – 10,000
  • Bergwijn – 20,000
  • Wan-Bissaka – 20,000
  • Thiago – 27,500
  • Martial – 60,000
  • Kane – 60,000

La Liga

  • Joao Felix – 10,000
  • Portu – 10,000
  • Jesus Navas – 10,000
  • Marcos Llorente – 10,000
  • Carrasco – 10,000
  • Diego Carlos – 10,000


  • Klostermann – 10,000
  • Zakaria – 10,000
  • Laimer – 10,000
  • Sabitzer – 10,000
  • Gnabry – 40,000

Serie A

  • Theo Hernandez – 10,000
  • Vidal – 10,000

Make Money Instantly: Complete these SBC sets to get off to the best start

Pack rewards across these 3 SBC are as follow:

  • 13,000 coins
  • 1x Electrum Players Pack
  • 1x Prime Mixed Players Pack
  • 1x Rare Mixed Players Pack
  • 1x Prime Electrum Players Pack
  • 1x Gold Players Pack
  • 1x Premium Gold Players Pack
  • 2x Mega Pack
  • 1x Prime Gold Players Pack
  • 2x Rare Gold Players Pack
  • 3x Rare Mega Pack

If you use your brain wisely and find a cheap solution via FUTBIN or using your own solutions, you will be able to make a decent profit and start gathering a large coin total with these SBC sets!

Who to Buy and Sell?

Sometimes, you will notice during the match or just after they score, the prices of certain players skyrockets. With the help of this method, you would purchase a decent amount of cards at the current price and sell them when their price increases.


Make sure to use your brain wisely and sell cards at the right time. Yes, it is likely that the price of cards could be significantly dropped after the match.

Best cards to trade within FIFA 21

The best time to take advantage of the said method is when the Champions League and Europa League games come around. Yes, these are the perfect time for world football and the team playing at this level are usually right in the running for regular TOTW cards.

Specifically, as the game gets older, Ones to Watch cards would be the perfect purchase for this way. If you select a player, who is in full form, you could be able to double or triple your investment in merely two to three weeks. If you invested in some expensive player, you will make a lot of FUT coins.