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How to boost Player Loyalty in FIFA 21, Increase Players Understanding

The more loyalty you unlock in FIFA 21 the more players will follow your order and help you win matches.

Player Loyalty in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team is an important factor to boost team power. It is a mechanism that increases players’ understanding giving you control over them and increasing chances of winning matches. Loyalty is similar to player stats. This is build up with time and plays a vital role in team coordination. In this guide, I am going to help you with increasing player loyalty in FIFA Ultimate Team.

How to max out Player Loyalty in FIFA 2021?


Loyalty in FIFA 2021 is displayed in the form of a small shield icon which is on the bottom of the player card. Switch to the second view by pressing the right analog stick of the controller to view the shield. The second view or the other side of the card also displays details about player characteristics and the current level of chemistry.

Loyalty is displayed in color like green or gray. If you had not gained loyalty then you won’t see any major bright color on the shield. The green color on it means the player has a higher level of understanding. There are multiple ways to get a green shield.

The first way is to buy FUT Package, loyalty on that is activated by default. So this is a kind of short way to unlock loyalty on the player in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. This is where you can unlock extra understanding instantly. The packages can be purchased using coins or FIFA points. You will have to check in the store for more updates.


Players purchased via auctions will have to play matches to boost loyalty. You can increase their loyalty within 10 games, this is can be a grinding job but this the only way. Not to reduce the time and earn loyalty fast play Squad Battles on a lower difficulty. Add all the players in one group and participate in the matches. These players are those who are low on the Loyalty score.

Play with an objective to score as fast as possible. This will reduce the match timing allowing you to end the game faster. Avoid replays or waits which can stretch your match for a longer period. Hope these tips in this FIFA 21 guide will help you to earn the loyalty of players fast. Stay tuned to GamerTweak for more gaming updates.