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How To Defend Better In FIFA 21

Here's a complete guide on how to defend in FIFA 21.

We all know how crucial it is to defend ourself while playing online games? FIFA 21 is no different. If you don’t know how to defend yourself in FIFA 21 then this guide will surely help you to do so. In our guide on how to defend better in FIFA 21, we have reviewed some defending techniques and skill tutorials that will certainly improve your defending skills in the upcoming football simulation video game.


How to defend in FIFA 21

There are multiple features and control options available in FIFA 21. Here are some of them:

Standing tackles

In this type of tackle, earlier FIFA games have been quite inconsistent. You can either use a defender to push a player wider on the pitch or step ahead of them and shield the ball. This is one of the biggest changes FIFA 21 has witnessed.


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Since the official FIFA 21 gameplay is yet to be out, it is too early to explain how this is actually executed in the game. There are reports suggesting that the FIFA 21 control would be quite similar to a jockey, which is executed by pressing L2/LT Hold Down + Direction. From there, you can take the ball under your control by the regular tackle button of B or Circle.


As soon as a speedy winger pushes the ball in front of them, you need to use speed to beat your defense, now the defenders will have a counter punch of their own. Be sure to use standing tackles to your benefit, allowing your central defenders, and midfielders, to take control.

Instant hard tackles

Instant hard tackles have reportedly been added in FIFA 21. With the help of these features, players can easily knock others off the ball with enough force and speed. In order to do so, you will have to click R1/RB+O/B. Notably, in FIFA 21, you would not need to hold and power up the tackle button as it required in earlier games.



Blocks have witnessed a slight change in FIFA 21. The best football players will have enhanced abilities here, with the new player personality system.

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The developer of the game had written in a statement, “A player’s attributes will determine the effectiveness of a block, how far away from the ball a player can block, how long it takes to start the block animation, how well you can react and transition into a different block animation if something changes, and how long it takes to recover from a block.”

EA had also confirmed that they have eliminated handling the ball feature from the game. Earlier, there was a feature called handballs in offline modes like Career Mode. Now, the feature has been removed from  FIFA 21.

Quick Tactics and Offside Trap

You would not be able to waste time in FIFA 21 by using Quick Tactics. Yes, you read that right!. After receiving a lot of feedback from the community, EA has reportedly made a few changes in the unrealistic ways people were using Quick Tactics.

Speaking about the same, EA had revealed,  “It was difficult for the defending team to try to get the ball back in these situations.”

“To address this, we revamped the Team Press Quick Tactic to no longer result in a Constant Pressure defensive tactic. It now triggers a temporary Auto Press behaviour on-demand and with a cooldown timer that prevents it from being overused.”

Offside Trap, on the other hand, will let you control players that are creating the trap. This new feature will help help you catch out the defense trying to execute it.

Chemistry styles

The developer of the game confirmed a lot of Chemistry styles for FIFA 21. Here are some Chemistry styles that you can use on defenders, with the goalkeepers coming up right after it.

Defender chemistry styles

Name Distributions Stats
Anchor PAC+2
+10 Acceleration, +5 Spring Speed, +5 Interceptions, +10 Heading, +10 Marking, +10 Standing Tackle, +10 Sliding Tackle, +10 Jumping, +10 Strength, +10 Aggression
Backbone PAS +2
+5 Vision, +5 Crossing, +5 Long Passing, +10 Short Passing, +5 Curve, +5 Interceptions, +5 Heading, +10 Marking, +10 Standing Tackle, +10 Sliding Tackle, +5 Jumping, +10 Strength, +5 Aggression
Gladiator SHO +3
DEF +3
+15 Positioning, +5 Finishing, +10 Shot Power, +5 Long Shots, +10 Interceptions, +15 Heading, +5 Marking, +10 Standing Tackle, +15 Sliding Tackle
Guardian DRI +3
DEF +3
+5 Agility, +10 Balance, +5 Reactions, +5 Ball Control, +15 Dribbling, +10 Interceptions, +5 Heading, +15 Marking, +10 Standing Tackle, +10 Sliding Tackle
Sentinel DEF +3
PHY +3
+5 Interceptions, +10 Heading, +15 Marking, +15 Standing Tackle, +15 Sliding Tackle, +5 Jumping, +15 Strength, +10 Aggression
Shadow PAC +3
DEF +3
+15 Acceleration, +10 Sprint Speed, +10 Interceptions, +10 Heading, +15 Marking, +15 Standing Tackle, +15 Sliding Tackle

Goalkeeper chemistry styles in FIFA 21

Name Distributions Stats
Cat REF +2
SPD +2
POS +2
+10 Reflex, +10 Speed, +10 Positioning
Glove DIV +2
HAN +2
POS +2
+10 Diving, +10 Handling, + 10 Positioning
Shield KIC +2
REF +2
SPD +2
+10 Kicking, +10 Reflex, +10 Speed
Wall DIV +2
HAN +2
KIC +2
+10 Diving, +10 Handling, +10 Kicking

Defending Controls & Buttons

Change Player L1 LB
Switch Player (Manual) R + Direction R + Direction
Tackle/Push or Pull (when chasing) B
Hard Tackle ◯ Press and Hold B Press and Hold
Instant Hard Tackle R1 + ◯ RB + ◯
Sliding Tackle X
Hard Tackle (VOLTA FOOTBALL only) X
Clearance B
Shoulder Challenge/Sealout L2 Tap LT Tap
Jockey/Grab & hold L2 Hold Down LT Hold Down
Contain X Press and Hold A Press and Hold
Teammate Contain R1 Press and Hold RB Press and Hold
Running Jockey L2 + R2 Hold Down LT + RT Hold Down
Pull and Hold (when chasing) ◯ Press and Hold B Press and Hold
Quick Get Up (after slide tackle) X
Engage Shielding Opponent L2 + L Towards Shielding Dribbler LT + L Towards Shielding Dribbler
Rush Goalkeeper Out △ Press and Hold Y Press and Hold
Goalkeeper Cross Intercept △ + △ Press and Hold Y + Y Press and Hold

That’s all you need to know about how to defend better in FIFA 21. While you are here, be sure to check out other FIFA 21 Guides, skill tutorials and tips and tricks articles.