Ark Survival Ascended: Best Silica Pearls Farming Locations

Looking for the Best Silica Pearls Farming Locations in Ark Survival Ascended? Here is everything you need to know to harvest these Pearls.

In Ark Survival Ascended, one of the most important items you will need to find is the Silica Pearls. They are considered to be a vital resource as it is used as a key component while crafting any electronic item. Getting these Pearls is quite difficult since the areas it is mostly found in can be dangerous. Below, we will mention some of the best locations where you can find this resource.

Where to Farm Silica Pearls in Ark Survival Ascended

In this guide, we will mention all the places from where you can get this resource:

Silica Pearls Harvested from Clams

Silica Pearl Farming Locations in Ark Survival Ascended
Source – Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube

The location we have mentioned below are the best ones you can find, since you will not encounter any harmful predators and can fully focus on farming these Pearls. It is important to equip the right gear as these places can be dangerously cold. Mostly, you will be able to find these items in the form of Clams, present in the deepest part of the ocean. Additionally, you will also find it near the snowy biome. Here are some of the map coordinates along with locations:

9.4, 22.9North Coast 
11.3, 13.4 Arctic Inlet, 
17.1, 20.5Icy Underwater of Small Lake
30.8, 30.8Icy Underwater of Small Lake
28.9, 30.6Inland Frozen Lake
75.3, 41.9Southzone 1 River
33.6, 12Arctic Coast 

Once you get to these locations to find this resource, tap on the ‘Harvest’ option that appears on the screen to collect it.

Silica Pearls Harvested from Corpses

Silica Pearl Farming Locations in Ark Survival Ascended Trilobites
Source -Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube

If you do not feel like entering freezing cold bodies of water, you can also try another method. This one includes harvesting this resource from the corpses of some creatures around the map. We have mentioned the names of the creatures and their locations, below:

  • Trilobites – You can find them near coasts and beaches. Considering they will not attack you, they are the safest and best option when it comes to harvesting this item.
  • Leeches – They can be found in swamps and they will attack you by latching onto you. You will then have to carefully remove them, which will not only take a toll on your health but will also be very time-consuming. Although they are considered to be quite useful when it comes to harvesting Silica Pearls, they will spawn randomly.
  • Eurypterids – These creatures can be found in the deep end of the ocean and will tranquilize you when they are approached. Getting this resource from them can be dangerous, although along with this item, you might also be able to harvest Black Pearls, which are considered to be rare.

Silica Pearls Harvested from Beaver Dams

Silica Pearl Farming Locations in Ark Survival Ascended Beaver Dams
Source – Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube

Lastly, you can also get this resource from Beaver Dams. These structures are built by Castoroides and in order to harvest this item you will have to loot them. Additionally, make sure that there are no Castoroides around this area when you are searching for the Pearls, otherwise, they will brutally attack you. Although this is not the best option when it comes to harvesting this resource, it can be used as a good alternative if you are not able to make use of any of the other options mentioned above. We will mention some of the best Beaver Dam coordinates below, so that it is easier for you to find them:

  • 82.1, 659.7
  • 74.6, 41.7
  • 45.3,65.8
  • 83.4, 58.7
  • 44.6,57.4

This is everything you need to know about how you can harvest Silica Pearls using all the Best Locations we have mentioned. If you found this guide helpful, make sure to check out our other guides on how you can get Chitin and how you can get Obsidian in Ark Survival Ascended, available here on Gamer Tweak.