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Fall Guys Big Yeetus: Best Moments You HAVE To See

Here are the funniest and best Fall Guys Big Yeetus moments so far that you need to check out! See how it can help you or cause an epic fail.

The Fall Guys twitter account is one of the best we have ever seen (check it out if you haven’t) and they teased the Fall Guys Big Yeetus update long before finally launching it in September. If you have no idea what is the Big Yeetus and why is it a thing, here’s some info. Basically, it is a rather aggressive, huge, spinning hammer that is neutral and will appear randomly. It can help you out or give you a fail moment – either way, funny moments are guaranteed! Now, it has just recently launched in the mid-season update called BIG YEETUS and ANTI-CHEATUS (yes, that’s the name). But, players are already sharing the best moments they have experienced due to the Yeetus so far. Let’s take a look at some of them, shall we?

Big Yeetus Fall Guys: Funny Moments


As I mentioned, the yeetus has yeeted some towards qualification and yeeted some to the depths of Fall Guys hell. Check out some of the funny videos shared by players around the world:

1. The right way to take advantage of the hammer


2. When you think you are going to qualify, but this happens


3. That was a good yeet


4. Yeeted into the abyss

5. Sometimes it even helps Griefers

6. So close!!

We hope these made you laugh since we all need a moment of happiness among everything that is going on (looking at you, 2020). Go ahead and get yeeted by the Fall Guys Big Yeetus because trust me, it will yeet you. I know I have mentioned yeeting too many times here and I have no regrets.

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