Starfield Eye Of The Storm Mission Guide

Wondering how to complete the Eye of the Storm quest in Starfield? We'll show you how to install the Comspike and Conduction Grid, and more.


The Eye of the Storm is one of the main quests you’ll take on in Starfield after finishing the Absolute Power quest. When you return to The Key, you’ll be tasked with installing the Comspike and Conduction Grid module on your ship to prepare for an attack by the UC SysDef. This new module is essential for completing the next phase of the mission, but the installation process itself can be confusing.

We’ll explain where to pick up the modules, access your ship’s mod slots, equip the new mods, and rearrange existing mods to fit them during the Eye of the Storm mission in Starfield.

How to Install Comspike and Conduction Grid Module in Eye of the Storm in Starfield

Eye Of The Storm Mission In Starfield, Explained

After speaking with Jazz and selecting the “Mind helping me with my ship?” option, you will enter the Ship Editor screen. Here, you can customize and upgrade your ship by installing new modules.

  1. First, visit Commander Kibwe Ikande at the UC Vigilance space station to advance the mission. Set a course for Bannoc IV and navigate the intense EM field to locate The Legacy’s derelict ship.
  2. Pick up the Transfer Module from a corpse to unlock the vault entrance. Inside, defeat Robot enemies using Laser Weapons and make your way to the Control Center.
  3. Collect the Credstiks, Audio Log, and Legendary Ballistic Rifle from Jasper Kryx. Remove the Transfer Modules and Data Core to trigger a system failure. Escape quickly back to your ship, avoiding fights, as the EM storm drains health.
  4. Finally, you can deliver the Kryx’s Legacy either to the UC Vigilance for the UC SysDef faction or to The Key for the Crimson Fleet faction, impacting the ending. Either way, your reward will be the same.

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