Cities Skylines 2: How To Export Water & Electricity

Since making money is one of the most important ways to run the city, you can always export water & electricity in Cities Skylines 2. While surplus electricity is a boon that you can sell off easily, exporting water comes with its own problems. For instance, if you want to keep your population on the high and have them happy, water will be an important source. So you can’t simply keep exporting it all the time. However, if your neighboring cities are going through a drought period, you have the chance to earn money as well as improve relations.

While water and electricity are a great source of farming money, there are lot more activities in the game that you will have to go through to keep your city flowing. This includes connecting power linesremoving and managing garbagemaking highways, and more. While players do look for cheats often in such games, the mechanics that the game offers is enough.

How to Export Water in Cities Skylines 2

How to Export Water & Electricity in Cities Skylines 2
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Firstly, if you are looking to export water, you need to draw a pipe to the edge of the map and create the connection to the outside. So unless you have unlocked the edge of the map, you can’t really trade water and earn some money. Although it is relatively easy to do so, you will have to spend some time in the game before you are capable of exporting water.

How to Export Electricity in Cities Skylines 2

Players will have to create the surplus energy so you will need extra power plants. Once you have that, you need to draw power lines from your power plants to the export points shown on the map. And in order to get easy access and maintenance, you need to keep the lines above the ground. Now that your export grid is ready, you will be exporting electricity quite quickly.

That’s all you will need from this guide. If you found it useful, do check out our other Cities Skylines 2 guides right here at Gamer Tweak.