Everspace 2: How To Get Tier 4 Ships

Want the best ships? Then find out how to access Tier 4 ships in Everspace 2.

Looking for the best ships in the game? Then learn how to get Tier 4 ships in Everspace 2. The Vindicator, Bomber, and Gunship are some of the best ships in the game right now. They possess one of the highest stats in terms of Shield, Armor, Hull, Speed, and Handling. While every ship is special, Tier 4 ships are completely overpowered and a must-have for any player.

How to Get Tier 4 Ships in Everspace 2

ship dealers perk tier 4 ships

To get Tier 4 Ships in Everspace 2, you will need to unlock Tareen’s Ship Dealers perk. To do this, however, you will need to collect rare materials and close to 150,000 Credits available to spend. Try Commodity Trading as it is one of the best ways to make money in Everspace 2. Once all of it is done, you will be able to buy Tier 4 Ships at Kato Palace.

Here are all the rare materials needed during the final stage of the Ship Dealers perk:

  • Dark Energy
  • Flawless Phazium Crystal
  • Glacit
  • Pure Clygon
  • Pure Baromite
  • Pure Copper

Dark Energy

This resource can be found near anomalies and Ancient sites. You will have to complete Ancient challenges or puzzles to get Dark Energy. You can also kill elite enemies and destroy ships at Khione.

Flawless Phazium Crystal

The Athorian Fault is the best location to farm Flawless Phazium Crystal. However, they will be located inside caves so be prepared.


Glacit is usually found as loot from enemies, inside rigged asteroids, and can also be sold at shops.

Pure Clygon

Pure Clygon in Everspace 2 can be found at Vesna Mining Colony, Gad Fields, Navia, Crash Site, Rhaim Gate, and Okrot trading. At times, the Black Market trader may also sell Pure Clygon.

Pure Baromite

Unknown Signals at Khoine can help you get Pure Baromite in huge quantities. You can also try looking for them at Athor I and Immaculate Redemption in Khaït Nebula.

Pure Copper

Lastly, you will also need Pure Copper to unlock Tier 4 ships in Everspace 2. This can be found at the Ceto Transit Gate in abundance.

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That’s all you need to know on how to get Tier 4 Ships in Everspace 2. You can find more guides on how to change ships, switch to secondary weapons, and more in our Everspace 2 section.