Everspace 2: How To Get New Ships

Here is where to buy new ships in Everspace 2.

Trying to figure out how to get new ships in Everspace 2? Follow our guide till the end to know how it’s done. The spaceship shooter has a huge collection of ships to fit everyone’s taste. While players may only have a single ship to pilot at the start, many more become available as the story progresses. As they are expensive possessions, you must know how to make money in Everspace 2. Though there are many ships to choose from, many players don’t know where to get them. Our guide will show to access new ships in the game.

How to Get New Ships in Everspace 2

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You can get new ships for the first time from the Nephtys Plains Station in Everspace 2. To unlock the ability to travel to this station, you will need to complete all story missions right up to Spares and Scrap. This is the part where you will be introduced to the Nephtys Plains Station on Ceto. As you progress further, you will unlock more ship dealers from different systems.

After meeting Tareen and unlocking the Ship Dealers perk, you will gain access to the Flying Dutchess shop as well. Here are all the ship dealers in Everspace 2:

  • Nephtys Plains Station: At Nephtys Plains in the Ceto System.
  • Freelancer Hangar: At Prescott Starbase in the Union System.
  • G&B Union Branch: At Noah Domaris Starport in the Union System.
  • Ships & Supplies: At Coalition Cargo Terminal, Drake System.
  • Coalition HQ: At Letho Starport in the Drake System.
  • Flying Dutchess: At the Ceto Outer Rim location in the Ceto System

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Tier Availability of Ships

The types of ships available at each dealer depend on the player’s level. A higher-level player will get access to high-tier ships across all dealers.

  • Tier I: (Level 1)
  • Tier I+: (Level 1)
  • Tier II: (Level 6)
  • Tier II+: (Level 9)
  • Tier III: (Level 13)
  • Tier III+: (Level 17)
  • Tier IV: (After unlocking the Ship Dealers Perk)

All Ship Classes in Everspace 2

There are various fighter classes for each ship in Everspace 2. They have different playstyles as well as abilities and equipment slots. Take a look at all the ship classes below:

  • Light Fighters
    • Scout
    • Vanguard
    • Stinger
  • Medium Fighters
    • Interceptor
    • Sentinel
    • Striker
  • Heavy Fighters
    • Gunship
    • Bomber
    • Vindicator

That’s everything covered on how to get new ships in Everspace 2. We hope that our guide was able to help you out. For more tips like this, head to our Everspace 2 section.