Everspace 2: How To Make Money (Credits Farm Guide)

Here is how you can quickly earn Credits in Everspace 2.

In Everspace 2, you will need to make as much money as possible if you want to buy ships, equipment, and upgrades. Credits are the form of currency in this spaceship shooter. And just like any other action RPG, earning money is not that easy. While completing missions will reward you with credits, it shouldn’t be your only source of income. So, are there any other ways to farm money for buying ships and perks? The answer is yes, we will show you the best ways to earn Credits in Everspace 2.

How to Make Money in Everspace 2

everspace 2 earn credits

Sell Surplus Equipment & Old Ships

Once you have a large collection of surplus equipment, sell them to traders to get credits. This is one of the easiest ways to make money in Everspace 2. On the other hand, as you progress, you will keep buying new ships. Since most of them will be high-tier ships, they will be expensive. You can solve this by selling your old ship to bring down the cost of the new ship. Since they will be low-tier ones, they’d be of no use to you later on. So, make sure that you sell old ships to save money in Everspace 2.

Complete Side Missions

Completing side missions is also one of the easiest ways to make money in Everspace 2. Nephtys Plains Station and Kato Palace are some of the many stations that offer a Job board. These are side missions that require completing simple tasks in return for a decent amount of credits. The tasks range from delivering cargo, clearing a base full of pirates, and eliminating specific targets which can be done in no time. It can also help you build Adam Roslin’s Renown which gives you more opportunities to earn credits.

Be a Pirate

Though it may sound evil, attacking G&B Freighters and other ships can give you decent loot in Everspace 2. After destroying them, you can find loot inside which can be sold to traders.
So, yes, being a pirate is quite beneficial if you’re trying to earn additional money. And don’t worry, there are no long-term consequences that can affect your story. Just make sure to go prepared as Freelancers and G&B ships can pack a punch.

Look out for Distress Calls and Unknown Signals

While exploring systems, you can come across a loud ping. They are known as distress calls and unknown signals. If you observe closely and fly towards it, you will realize that it is coming from deserted freighters or freelancers. You will need to respond to their call by saving them from pirates, aliens, or other emergencies. Doing so will fetch you a good amount of credits. However, this is not always guaranteed.

Buy During Low Demand & Sell at High Demand

Lastly, you can also quick money from Everspace 2’s trading system. You can earn profit by trading Commodities. These contain items like Ramen, Liquor, Cybernetic Implants, Solar Panels, and so on. You should purchase these commodities while they are in low demand and then sell them at stations with high demand.

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That’s all you need to know on how to make money in Everspace 2. We hope that this guide helped you. For more tips on the game, head to our Everspace 2 section.