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Lost Ark Error 10027 Cannot Connect Due To Heavy Traffic

Not able to connect to the game due to Lost Ark error 10027? Here's what you need to know.

Lost Ark was a highly anticipated game ever since its release in South Korea. And now it’s blowing up in the Western countries. Because of this, many are getting the Lost Ark 10027 error. The error message says “Cannot connect to the server due to heavy traffic” which is pretty self-explanatory. But if you’re wondering what you can do whenever this happens, keep reading.

Lost Ark 10027 Cannot Connect Due to Heave Traffic Error

lost ark error 10027 cannot connect heavy traffic

The Lost Ark error 10027 is coming up due to overloaded servers. Many servers are overpopulated and the devs have had to lock servers in certain regions. This could be due to the server’s popularity and also due to famous streamers playing on that particular server. So, simply put, due to too many people in the queue, you are getting the heavy traffic error and all you can do is wait and see if you are lucky enough to get in. This also means you may have to wait in queue for more than an hour with the numbers barely moving.

Unfortunately, because of this, players are not able to coordinate with friends and play together. Heck, many are not able to join the game to play solo. The same situation came up during New World’s launch but Lost Ark is having an even bigger launch and the servers are going through some tough times at the time of writing.

The developers are actively working to improve the situation so all you can do right now is sit tight. You can try restarting the game and see if it fixes the problem. But if you try to log back in after getting the error, chances are that you will be kicked.

To know if the error is fixed, you will have to keep an eye on the official forum which is super active. Keep checking to know any responses from the developers or any workaround that they might post. Or simply wait until the initial hype about the game dies down after which you can play without getting frustrated with 3+ hours queue time.

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