Atomic Heart: How To Equip Skills

Want to buy, craft, or equip skills and abilities? Check out our guide on how to equip skills in Atomic Heart to find out.

Atomic Heart features many gameplay elements and mechanics for players to discover. But out of all, Skills are the most crucial and valuable aspects of combat. As you progress, you have to learn and obtain new skills to deal more damage. These skills can help Sergey cause and deal more damage against the robotic adversaries. But as not many in-game mechanics are not explained, several players are confused about unlocking or equipping them. So, check out our guide on how to equip skills in Atomic Heart.

How to Equip Atomic Heart Skills

atomic heart equip skills

You can equip the skills by unlocking the NORA vending machine or upgrading kiosks in the game. You unlock and meet this machine while progressing the main storyline to search for Viktor Petrov. After you have beaten the VOV-A6/CH LAB TECH enemy boss, you have to pick the lock to unlock a door. Then, you have to walk through a narrow alleyway to get to the NORA machine. Once you are closer to the machine, hit the prompted keybind or control to interact with her.

Now, here’s how you can buy, craft, or equip the skills:

  • As you interact with the NORA machine, you will be prompted to the Skills menu section.
  • From there, you can choose a skill and spend the available Nueropolymer to buy them.
  • You can get the Nueropolymer by looting it from chests or eliminating certain enemies and bosses.
  • If it’s your first time interacting with NORA, you can purchase the Shok ability for free.
  • You will unlock more skills or abilities as you progress with the game. But for now, choose the Shok skill as suggested by your glove, Char-les.
  • Once you are down with choosing skills, the machine will prompt you to the Crafting screen.
  • You can craft, upgrade and store/disassemble your weapons over here.
  • In addition to that, you can also equip weapon cartridges for Elemental Buffs. Or you can upgrade your weapons with different tiers of attacks.

Note that you can only equip the skills by interacting with the NORA crating and upgrade machine. But be cautious of this vending machine as it can be extra obscene.

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