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How To Equip Companions With Weapons & Do They Need Ammo In Starfield?

Here's how to give a better weapon and armor to your companion in Starfield and know if they need ammo too.

How to give better weapons and armor to companions, and do they need ammo in Starfield? One companion will follow you in your adventures in Starfield, and that person has to be well-equipped to deal with dangers. You can assign weapons, armor, and ammo to your companion to ensure they have the best equipment to protect themselves and you when required.

How to Equip Companions with Weapons, Armor, and Ammo?

Here’s how you can give better weapons and armor to your companion:

  • Interact with them and choose the option to Trade Gear.
    • You can trade gear to reduce your carry weight so that you are not encumbered, and you can also trade to equip items to companions.
  • This will open their inventory screen. You can confirm this by checking the companion’s name at the top left of the screen.
  • To get to your inventory, press the LB button on Xbox (the controls for PC will be mentioned at the bottom right section of the screen).
  • Now from your inventory, choose any weapon, armor, or ammo to give to your companion.
  • Complete the trade.
  • Return to their inventory screen and press Y (Xbox) on the item you want your companion in Starfield to equip.

Initially, I thought simply trading the item would do it, but no – you must remember to equip it, too.

do companions need ammo starfield

Do Companions Need Ammo in Starfield?

how to equip items companions starfield

As the player, you must do a lot of ammo management to ensure you don’t run out of ammo during or just before gunfights.

But do companions need ammo in Starfield? Yes, but you don’t have to keep restocking or refilling it for them. Please give them the weapon you want them to use, then at least 1 round of the ammo. This will give them ‘unlimited’ ammo, and they will keep using the weapon you equipped for them and never run out during gunfights.

As noted by players on Reddit, if you don’t give them any ammo, they will either drop the gun, store it, or pick up another one if possible. But if you give them one round, they will keep using the good weapon you have equipped.

A good tip is to avoid handing over grenades to your companions because they might use them at the wrong time or damage themselves. Since they are so scarce, managing and using grenades yourself is best.

So, that’s how to equip weapons, armor, and ammo to companions in Starfield. Head to our Starfield wiki guide for location guides, walkthroughs, and more tips and tricks.

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