Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event Milestones & Rewards List

Here’s the list of all the Monopoly Go Epic Myths milestone rewards or gifts.

With the closure of the Wall Street Wonder event, Monopoly Go brought the new event “Epic Myths“. It has made landing in jail profitable for the players. Yup, you heard that right, here you get points from Jail Tile. Hearing that might have made you curious about where else you can score from. No need to worry, this will answer your question. We have not just listed the milestone rewards but also ways to score points there.

Epic Myths gives you rewards like Dice Rolls, Sticker Packs, Rent Frenzy, High Roller, Cash Boost, and Cash. The variety of boosts it is offering is certainly not to be missed. Those rewards will increase your Net Worth and even let you jump the board, depending on what stage you are on. With that said, let us jump to the milestone rewards list and scoring methods.

All Monopoly Go Epic Myths Milestones & Rewards List

All Monopoly Go Epic Myths Milestone Rewards List
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The list of milestone rewards was cross-checked referring to the Twitter post of @itsjakesm. In total, there are 43 milestones in this event, giving you thousands of Dice Rolls and different rewards. Probably one of the highest amounts rolled in events till now.

So, check our Monopoly Go Epic Myths milestones and rewards list to get them before the event expires:

MilestonesRequired PointsRewards
1510 Dice Rolls
3151-Star Sticker Pack
47075 Dice Rolls
6201-Star Sticker Pack
72510 minutes Rent Frenzy
9180225 Dice Rolls
11401-Star Sticker Pack
13300400 Dice Rolls
155010 minutes Cash Grab
17702-Star Sticker Pack
18700850 Dice Rolls
20803-Star Sticker Pack
221,2001,400 Dice Rolls
2315015 minutes High Roller
241402-Star Sticker Pack
25175200 Dice Rolls
272004-Star Sticker Pack
28300250 Dice Rolls
301,8001,900 Dice Rolls
315005 minutes Cash Boost
338004-Star Sticker Pack
352,8002,600 Dice Rolls
361,0005-Star Sticker Pack
371,10025 minutes Rent Frenzy
401,3001,000 Dice Rolls
411,4004-Star Sticker Pack
436,000Sticker Pack and 7,000 Dice Rolls

How Does Monopoly Go Epic Myths Event Work?

In Epic Myths, you have to collect Scrolls to make points. And every time you land on one of these tiles you get +4 Points.

  • Go
  • Go to Jail
  • Free Parking
  • Jail

As many of you might already know, landing on these tiles with Multiplier will give multiplied points. To put it in simple words, if you are using x5 Multiplier and land on Go, you’ll get 20 scrolls.

That’s all on the Monopoly Go Epic Myths milestones and rewards list. We have covered many topics in this game. And we regularly cover events and tournaments, so if you are curious, bookmark our Monopoly Go guides. There you’ll learn about the ongoing tournaments like Jungle Journey and also about the ways to Invite Bar.