Monopoly GO Wall Street Wonders Rewards & Milestones List

Here’s the list of all the Monopoly GO Wall Street Wonders Milestones and Rewards list.

One can never have enough fun while playing the time-limited events and tournaments in Monopoly GO. The Wall Street Wonders is the most recent Milestone event that has players chasing points before it ends. It is a three-day event that can help you earn plentiful rewards after the event is finished.

While you can endlessly roll the dice to crush this event, many players want to track their milestones and the required points. Don’t worry, here’s a list of all the Wall Street Wonders milestones, rewards, and gifts.

All Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders Milestones & Rewards

Thanks to @itsjakesm on X (Twitter), we have two lists for the Wall Street Wonders event. Similar to the earlier Equity Extravaganza event, you can earn different rewards depending on the events currently active. These rewards will differ if you are on PEG-E or the Egypt event. However, if you have neither of these events active, you might have to wait until the next event.

So, here’s a list of all the rewards and milestones for Wall Street Wonders event on both versions:

Required Points (Milestones) Egypt Event Rewards PEG-E Event Rewards
54 Pickaxe10 Dice Rolls
5Cash5 Prize Drop Chips
10Sticker PackSticker Pack
75125 Dice Rolls120 Dice Rolls
155 PickaxeCash
1515-minute Rent Frenzy15-minute Rent Frenzy
20Cash8 Prize Drop Chips
257 PickaxeCash
150 / 175230 Dice Rolls250 Dice Rolls
308 Pickaxe15 Prize Drop Chips
35Sticker PackSticker Pack
459 Pickaxe20 Prize Drop Chips
300 / 475420 Dice RollsBriefcase token
45Sticker PackSticker Pack
5010-minute Cash Grab10-minute Cash Grab
6012 Pickaxe30 Prize Drop Chips
550 / 850700 Dice Rolls1,000 Dice Rolls
70 / 7515 PickaxeSticker Pack
70Sticker Pack40 Prize Drop Chips
8090 Dice Rolls80 Dice Rolls
85 / 10018 PickaxeCash
1,0001,100 Dice Rolls1,100 Dice Rolls
100Sticker PackSticker Pack
11015-minute High Roller15-minute High Roller
12522 Pickaxe60 Prize Drop Chips
130125 Dice RollsCash
1,400Briefcase token1,400 Dice Rolls
140140 Dice RollsCash
14530 Pickaxe70 Prize Drop Chips
175Sticker PackSticker Pack
1,8001,800 Dice Rolls1,800 Dice Rolls
25035 Pickaxe85 Prize Drop Chips
30025-minute Rent Frenzy25-minute Rent Frenzy
450Sticker PackSticker Pack
4,0003,800 Dice Rolls3,800 Dice Rolls
70050 Pickaxe100 Prize Drop Chips
800Sticker PackSticker Pack
900800 Dice Rolls800 Dice Rolls
1,100 / 1,000900 Dice Rolls130 Prize Drop Chips
1,200 / 1,100Sticker Pack5-minute Cash Boost
1,300 / 1,200CashSticker Pack
6,500 / 1,300Sticker Pack & 6,500 Dice RollsCash
6500 (Only PEG-E version) Sticker Pack & 6,500 Dice Rolls

How Does Monopoly GO Wall Street Wonders Work?

Monopoly GO Wall Street Wonders Milestones Rewards Gifts

You need to collect Bell Tokens during the Wall Street Wonders event to progress with the event. For that, you must land on the tiles to collect these pickups. Note that these bell tokens are worth the value of 2 pickups. So, you can roll with a higher multiplier to get more tokens in one go. Once you have picked up a token, it will move to a different tile around the board.

That said, ensure that you roll with an increased multiplier to get more tokens. Likewise, for every event, you can win a new token during this event. You can earn the Briefcase token during this event.

That’s all about the Monopoly Go Wall Street Wonders Milestones and Rewards list. If you found this guide helpful, check out our guides on how to fill up the Invite Bar, if you can block someone, and explore more Monopoly GO Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.

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