Should You Pick Enlightened Or Universal Chest In Starfield?

Not sure if you should take the Enlightened or Universal trait in Starfield? Here is what each of their chests has to offer.

One of the many decisions that you will take in Starfield, is whether to choose Raised Enlightened or Universal traits. Unlike most changes that have somewhat of a major impact, this choice is on the easier side. The rewards you get from these chests are mostly medical supplies and random religious books. But their real treasure is the outfits they give. They can actually help you out a bit in the early game. So here is the answer to whether Enlightened Chest is better or Sanctum Universum Chest.

Should You Choose Raised Enlightened Vs. Universal in Starfield?

Starfield Raised Eternal Vs Sanctum Universum Chests

On their own, these traits won’t do much, but depending on your playstyle the chests specifically the poncho you get from them can be very beneficial to you. If you like to play offensively and have a generally aggressive playstyle you should choose Raised Universal. As for players that love to play the game more carefully and slowly in a more defensive manner then you should pick Raised Enlightened.

Aside from the outfit benefits, there is a small chance different people of different religions may interact with you differently. But that is where the differences end.

Here is the advantage each trait has over the other:

Why You Should Pick Raised Enlightened?

With this trait, you will be able to access the chest you find in House of the Enlightened in The Well at New Atlantis. From it, you get the following rewards:

  • Settler Poncho Outfit: Gives you +10 Health. More health means, you can take a few extra hits and survive for a while longer.
  • Med Pack x5
  • Heart+ x2
  • Boom Pop! Cola
  • Charity in a Godless Universe Parts I, II, III, and IV

Sanctum Raised Universal Chest Rewards

You can find this chest in the big Golden house, that can be spotted to the left of the Collective Embassy at New Atlantis. This chest gives you these rewards:

  • Neocity Urbanwear: Gives you 5% O2 Recovery. Oxygen is needed when running around, so the faster you recover, the less you will have to wait for it in fights. It is also useful when you are scoping in using any weapon.
  • Med Pack x6
  • Heart+ x2
  • Water Drink Pack
  • Sanctum Universum Vols I, II, and III

With this, you should have no problem deciding whether you want to choose Raised Enlightened or Universal traits and the benefits of each chest in Starfield. While you are here also check out our guides on how to fix Power from Beyond bugged quest, save game location, and what happens when you get caught with contraband.