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Ark Fjordur – Where To Find Element Shards, Ore, & Ambergris

Check out our guide on where to find the Element Shards, Ore, and Ambergris in ARK Fjordur.

With the release of a new expansion map, Fjordur, ARK Survival has introduced a wide range of fresh content. Players are confused about finding valuable resources as every expansion changes several things. These items include Element Ore, Element shards, and Ambergris. While you need Element Shards and Ore to fuel Tek-type gear and ammo, Ambergis is required to feed baby Magmasaurs. So, let’s go on a hunt in deep waters. Here’s our guide on where to find the Element Shards, Ore, and Ambergris in ARK Fjordur

Where to Find Element Shards, Ore, & Ambergris in ARK Fjordur

You can find these resources and more natural riches in the deep waters at Swamp Island. All you need to do is dive underwater with an Aquatic tame or mount. Also, before you dive in, make sure to equip a complete Scuba gear set. Follow these steps:

  • Head into the depths of the underwater, and search for a hole beside some of the scar-type rocks.
  • The coordinates for this hole are LAT 52.0 – LON 16.4. Head straight into the hole and delve deeper into it.
  • As you see glowy creatures and squids from a distance, you have reached close to the sea bed. The coordinates for this sea bed are LAT 51.5 – LON 10.8.
ark fjordur element shards ore ambergris
Image Source – Raasclark on YouTube.
  • There’s also a possibility that you might encounter Mossasaurus over there. So, be cautious of the sea creatures as they can stun as well as deplete your health.
  • Once you reach the bottom, you will find an illuminating sea bed surrounded by a plethora of elements.
  • For the Element Ores, you need to mine and destroy the purple-glowing rocks.
  • As you explore the surrounding items, gather the Ambergis and Element shards nearby.
  • In addition to that, you can also find plenty of Flint, Metal, Stones, and more.
  • With the Tek Stryder, you can collect and gather more resources in this area.

That’s all on where to find the Element shards, Ore, and Ambergris in ARK Fjordur. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on all the artifact locations, best base locations, and how to get and tame Fenrir in ARK Fjordur right here on Gamer Tweak.