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ARK Fjordur: All Artifact Locations

Check out our guide on all the artifact locations in ARK Survival Fjordur.

With the release of the most recent Fjordur expansion, ARK Survival has introduced a plethora of items and bosses. Speaking of the different items, there’s a wide range of artifacts scattered around Fjordur. Given the extensive and vast ecosystem, it can take a while to gather every Artifact. Not to worry, here’s our guide on all the artifact locations in ARK Fjordur.


All Artifact Locations in ARK Fjordur

There are 10 artifacts scattered around the open world. So, here are the locations of all the artifacts with their coordinates:

Artifact of the Strong


Coordinates: Lat 09.9 – Lon 84.3
You will find this artifact towards the north of Redwoods inside the Bear Caverns. As the name suggests, be wary of some bears over there. You can also encounter a couple of flying insects and spiders.

Artifact of the Hunter

Co-ordinates: Lat 03.3 – Lon 32.6
As you reach the coordinates, you will find this location to the northwest of the map. You can find the Artifact of Hunter inside the Drenghemir Caves. While its entrance is hidden behind a rock, entering it can be a bit tricky. But you can destroy the rocks to open the entrance. You can encounter Purlovias and bats once you get inside the Caves.


Artifact of the Clever and Pack

Co-ordinates: Lat 21.2 – Lon 57.4
You can find two artifacts at this location at the Molten Caverns. As you go ahead inside, you will notice the Molten lava on the floor. While heading right will lead you to the artifact of Pack, heading right leads to the Clever artifact. Make sure to upgrade your parkour skills as you need to protect yourself from the lava.

Artifact of the Immune


Co-ordinates: Lat 90.8 – Lon 78.1
This artifact is located inside the Mount Doom Caverns. You can encounter several bats and scorpions upon progressing inside the cave. All you need is to head straight to get to the Artifact of Immune.

Artifact of the Brute

Coordinates: Lat 49.4 – Lon 14.3
You can find this artifact located on a swamp island. But when you head inside the swamp cave, you might need a gas mask or scuba mask to protect yourself. You can encounter some creatures like scorpions, insects, spiders, and leeches as you delve deeper.

Artifact of the Skylord

Coordinates: Lat 07.7 – Lon 23.5

You will find this artifact located inside a frozen fortress with several wild animals in your way. As you progress, you will find several bears, apes, wolves, and more such creatures in the fortress. Make sure to equip thermal insulation as it can get intensely cold inside the fortress.

ark fjordur artifact locations
Image Source – Raasclark on YouTube.

Artifact of the Cunning

Co-ordinates: Lat 76.8 – Lon 66.0
As the name suggests, you need to be cunning and smart to get to this location. Head deeper and swim through the Forgotten Caves. Upon swimming through the route, you will find a broken ship around the caves. That means you are going the right way. You can encounter several bats, scorpions, and arthros as you progress through the route. The Artifact of the Cunning is placed on a grand display at the end of the platform.

Artifact of the Devourer

Coordinates: Lat 03.3 – Lon 03.7
To find this artifact, delve deeper into the Mariana Caverns. You might also need a Sea or Aquatic tame for traversing underwaters. Be cautious of the sea creatures that can stun and damage your Health. These creatures include jellyfishes, eels, and more. You need to go through a vertical tunnel to get to the Artifact of Devourer.

Artifact of the Massive

Co-ordinates: Lat 71.8 – Lon 01.2
You need to dive deeper into the underwaters of Nidishem Depths to find the artifact of the Massive. As you enter the underground ruins, you will find a labyrinth with puzzles and several traps. You will find the Artifact of the Massive upon passing through the labyrinth.

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