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ARK: Fjordur Best Base Locations

Got the Fjordur expansion but not sure where to set up your base? You should find these locations suitable.

You can get the Fjordur expansion of Ark Survival Evolved easily, but when it comes to the best bases, it is not so easy. There are many places for you to explore, but either they will lack resources or the terrain might not be suited to set up your base at. Hence here are three of the best base locations for Fjordur in Ark that is suited for both PvP and PvE.

Best Base Locations in Fjordur in Ark Survival Evolved


fjordur best base locations in ark

These are the three best bases on Fjordur that you can use both for PvE and PvP.

  • Lava Dungeon
    • Lat: 10.8
    • Lon: 62.6
  • The Underworld
    • Lat: 29.2
    • Lon: 39.4
  • Personal Island
    • Lat: 34.9
    • Lon: 94.6


Let us check all three of them.

Lava Dungeon – Best PvP & PvE Fjordur Base for Ark

lava dungeon base
Image Credit: Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube


Starting with the first base you have two waterfalls on each side of the entrance. And once you get inside you have not only plenty of area to set up traps to prevent getting raided. You also get access to many resources. This base location is really suited for both PvE and PvP. Here are its coordinates:

  • Latitude: 10.8
  • Longitude: 62.6

The Underworld


the underground
Image Credit: Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube

If you ever wondered what living in a cave must feel like this location is for you. This cavern is one of the best locations to make your base at. The enemies will have a hard time raiding it in PvP. But when it comes to your comfort you not only have a beautiful and large area to live in. It has you covered with necessities like water to many other resources. These are its coordinates:

  • Latitude: 29.2
  • Longitude: 39.4

Personal Island

personal island base ark
Image Credit: Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube

As the name suggests you can turn this area into your very own personal island. Here are its coordinates:

  • Latitude: 34.9
  • Longitude: 94.6

There is only one small piece of land that connects this island to the rest of the regions of the game. It has the appearance of a mountain, which you can climb to mine resources. You even get a beach on this island. The best part is you can use the inside of the mountain as your base or all the external area you get with it.

Thanks to Ark: Survival Guide on YouTube for these base locations. If these bases were not to your liking then feel free to check out their video below for other base options.

That covers this guide on the best base locations in Fjordur in Ark Survival Evolved. Since you like playing this game you might find our other guides useful on how to get the Sanguine Elixir or how to get Mjolnir.