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Complete Diablo Immortal Elder Rift Guide

Here is all you need to know about Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal from this guide.

Diablo Immortal is an action MMORPG released by Blizzard for Mobile. It is based on the time between Diablo II & Diablo III takes place. In this game, play as one of 6 classes and battle the evils that are ahead with your Allies. One important part of the game that every player must do is Dungeon Raids, especially Elder Rifts. An Elder Rift is a short & highly replayable Dungeon that yields amazing Loot. In this guide, I will explain all that you need to know about Elder Rift in Diablo Immortal.

Complete Elder Rift Guide in Diablo Immortal


elder rift diablo immortal

As I have stated above, an Elder Rift is a short & highly replayable Dungeon. They are the highest priority for any player who is trying to progress & level up their Character. Elder Rifts are special Dungeons where once you kill an enemy, a progress bar on the left will fill up. Depending on the type of enemy, the bar will fill up at different rates.

For instance, if you kill a standard foe the bar will go up by 1 unit. But if you kill an Elite (high-level enemies), their bar will go up by 3 units. Once this Bar fills up, it will summon a Rift Guardian. A Rift Guardian is the final Boss to an Elder Rift Dungeon Raid and defeating it will end the Rift & grant the player(s) a lot of Loot, Gold, & other such resources.


An Elder Rift in Diablo Immortal is a perfect way to get loot fast. You can grind these Rifts due to the short & random nature of the Dungeon. Elder Rifts can be done solo or as a group. Each Elder Rift will scale as per your level & gear or the level of the highest level & gear member in your Party. To enhance your Rifts, you can use Crests. Crests are modifiers that will help you in your Elder Rift Dungeon Raid and will also give you better loot. Here is our guide on Crests for more information. Using a Rare Crest you will get a Fading Ember & using a Legendary Crest you will get a random guaranteed Legendary Gem.

General Tips & Tricks for Elder Rifts

  • A good way of doing Rifts is either Solo or with members of the same level. As players very low in level in the party may suffer due to the higher level enemies.
  • Playing in a Party of friends is the best as y’all can coordinate and beat the Raid as quickly as possible.
  • Once you unlock Elder Rifts in Diablo Immortal, get your friends and grind it as much as possible as it is the fastest way to level up and it costs almost nothing to do it.
  • Since Elder Rifts scale to level, they won’t be that difficult.
  • You can do an Elder Rift multiple times at any time.
  • To get the most out of an Elder Rift Dungeon Raid, try and make a build around it.
  • You want to be very efficient & min-max it as much as possible.
  • Make a build that has Speed & a bunch of AOE moves so that you can clear Hordes of enemies as quickly as possible.
  • Always use Crests for your Elder Rift Raid as the modifiers will benefit everyone in the Party.
  • Don’t worry about dying as you will be able to revive but you will lose any streak bonuses that you have accumulated like the Massacred Bonus.


This was the complete guide on what Elder Rifts are & how they work in Diablo Immortal, the perfect way of progressing in the game. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Pause The Game & How To Auto Navigate & Pick Up Loot Items in Diablo Immortal.