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Diablo Immortal: How To Get Crests

Here is how you can get crests in Diablo Immortal.

Crests are one of the most important resources that you can use in Diablo Immortal. These help you get better Elder Rifts, increase reward gains, and more. To get more of them, you will have to deal with Jondo Mouren, the Crest Merchant, or go through three other ways to get crests in the game. And so, in this guide, we will show you how to get a lot of crests in Diablo Immortal.

How to Get Crests in Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal: How To Get Crests

Through Jondo Mouren

The best way to get crests is through the Crest Merchant, Jondo Mouren. You will find him in the Palace Courtyard at Westmarch near the Elder Rift. Jondo sells Rare and Legendary Crests in the game.


Through the BattlePass

You can get crests from the BattlePass regardless of the tier. If you want to buy Crests in large amounts though, you should get them from the shop.

Through the Shop


To get lots of crests in the game, you can head to the in-game shop. Here, you will be able to get Rare and Legendary crests in exchange for Eternal Orbs.

Since Eternal and Platinum Orbs are the premium currency in Diablo Immortal, you will have to purchase the same for actual currency as well.

Through In-Game Rewards and Drops


You can also get crests through in-game rewards and drops. This is the most ideal way to get crests in Diablo Immortal. However, it is extremely rare to get them here so I wouldn’t put all of my eggs in this basket.

How Many Types of Crests are there?

There are two kinds of crests in the game. These are rare and legendary crests.


Use these to open Elder Rifts and add one modifier to it. These crests cost 100 Eternal Orbs. They can also be earned by running the Elder Rifts dungeons. Although you may only get one free crest per day, it’s better than having to pay.


This crest will add 2 modifiers to the Elder Rift when used. Legendary Crests will cost 300 Eternal Orbs or 3000 Platinum Orbs. However, you will need to use at least 10 Legendary Crests to upgrade your Rifts and increase your rewards.

This was our guide on how to get crests in Diablo Immortal. If you’re looking for other guides like this, be sure to check out this one on how to play coop multiplayer on Mobile and PC.