Multiversus Easiest Characters To Play For Beginners

If you are just getting started with the game, here are some easy characters for beginners in Multiversus to practice with & win matches early on.

Getting started with Multiversus and want to know the easiest characters to play as a beginner? There are quite a few options. Make sure to try out these fighters and choose one to main. Do keep in mind that the developers may nerf some overpowered characters – we will keep this list updated in that case.

Easiest Characters to Use & Play with in Multiversus for Beginners

Here are some easy fighters from the Roster across all classes that will help you get those wins at the start.

  • Shaggy
  • Finn the Human
  • Jake the Dog
  • Taz
  • Wonder Woman
  • Superman
  • Harley Quinn
  • Bugs Bunny

Why is Shaggy the Easiest Character to Start with?

shaggy attacks multiversus

The main reason why Shaggy (Bruiser) is the easiest character to start with is because he’s the tutorial fighter. Everyone can get good practice with him because his moveset is pretty simple. That doesn’t mean his combat is weak – he’s a close-ranged character with high damage. His Signature Perk is One Last Zoinks – this is when he enters rage mode upon reaching 100 damage.

There’s also his Passive Attack called “It’s, Like, Off-the-Charts” which puts him in a Rage mode which adds to his abilities and deals high damage to enemies. Moreover, his ground attack (such as Knuckle Sandwich), air attack (such as Flurrious Feet) along with Special Attacks which allow Shaggy to throw Sandwiches, he’s a super interesting character to main.

Finn the Human (Assassin class) – Easy Character for Beginners in Multiversus

finn the human attacks multiversus

Finn the Human from Adventure Time is from the Assassin class. With flying sword moves, upward punches, downward chops and a kick that breaks armor, Finn is pretty good for beginners. In terms of special attacks, Finn charges and delivers a powerful high five attack that reflects projectiles.

In one special attack, Finn rushes forward shoulder first, blocking projectiles while in another, he spins his backpack around hitting enemies back to back. Sounds like fun? Be sure to try out Finn ASAP.

Jake the Dog (Bruiser class)

jake the dog attacks multiversus

Another much-loved character from Adventure Time is Jake the Dog, who is a beginner-friendly shapeshifter. His ground attacks include a powerful spike ball that breaks armor, combo of punches and belly bumps and split kicks.

For air attacks, you have a belly balloon where Jake expands his belly, knocks enemies forward and then combos into a mallet spin that breaks armor. You can also pull out a skateboard to show off your tricks and if Jake lands on enemies or allies, he will bounce off and do a new trick.

Apart from these, if you’d like to main characters from other classes as well, practice with the fighters mentioned below and you will have a good start by winning matches.

  • Taz – Bruiser class
  • Wonder Woman – Tank class
  • Superman – Tank class
  • Harley Quinn – Assassin class
  • Bugs Bunny – Mage Ranged class

Once you master the moves, you can then move on to the tougher characters – Garnet, Arya Stark, Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry and Reindog.

Since you are just getting started with the game, be sure to read our beginners tips and tricks, best characters to unlock first and best perks and combos for various characters in our Multiversus guides.