What Is The Easiest Raid In Blox Fruits? (Explained)

Looking for an easy raid you can solo? Check out our guide to find out the easiest raid in Blox Fruits on Roblox.

Want to know the easiest raid in Blox Fruits? Don’t fret, as you are not alone. Based on the iconic anime One Piece, you can use different Blox Fruits to bring havoc & extra damage to your enemies in the game. But aside from that, many players are looking for raids that are less challenging and can be beaten easily. While it all depends on your build and fighting style, this guide has got you all covered. So, check out our guide to find out the easiest raid you can solo.

What is the Easiest Blox Fruits Raid

blox fruits easiest raid

According to the community consensus, the Flame Raid is the easiest raid in Blox Fruits. As voted by players on Reddit and other forums, you can solo this raid like a cakewalk. If you have the Buddha fighting style, you can also take on the Dark Raid easily. We recommend Flame Raids for the players that don’t have Buddha fighting Style.

Coming to the Flame Raids, these raids are based on the hot side of Hot & Ice Island. You need 14,500 Fragments to take on these raids. You will find bosses that use Unawakened Flame’s Z, X, and V in these raids. These movesets are as follows:

  • ExplosiveFireflies: Z
  • Prominence Burst: X
  • Hells Core: V

Along with that, this raid also has Flame users that use Unawakened Flame’s Z & C. The Flame Raids have up to $72,000 worth of enemy drops. But this raid contains lava, so you will have to be cautious while clearing it. You will be inflicted with much damage if you step on the Lava.

Speaking of the Dark Raids in Blox Fruits, it is based on Graveyard Island. Similar to a Flame Raid, you must spend 14,500 Fragments to complete the Dark Raids. The bosses in these raids use the following moveset:

  • Dimension Slash: Z
  • Endless Hole: C
  • World of Darkness: V

But as these raids offer $68,000 worth of enemy drops, you can clear out these raids with Buddha solo. You can also check out our guide on the best fighting styles to combine with Buddha & how to learn them.

That’s everything covered about the easiest raid in Blox Fruits. If you liked this guide, check out our guides on the best fruits for grinding, how to beat Buddha Raid and more Blox Fruits Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.