Blox Fruits: How To Beat Buddha Raid

Here is a guide on how to beat Buddha Raid in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits is heavily based on the classic Anime – One Piece. The Roblox game consists of new accessories, maps, raids and even fruits. Different types of Fruits grant players unique abilities which can help them massively during raids. One of them is the Buddha Fruit. In this guide, we’ll show you how to beat Buddha Raid in Blox Fruits.

How to Solo Buddha Raid in Blox Fruits

There are 11 Raids spread across 5 Islands in Blox Fruits. You will have to clear hordes of enemies on each island before moving to the next one. Keep in mind that you’ll have only 12 and a half minutes to do this. You’ll need to purchase a Chip from an NPC called Mysterious Scientist to start these Raids. You also need to have a Giant Buddha, which you can get after activating the Buddha Fruit.

The fights on the first and second islands are pretty simple, and it shouldn’t take you much time. However, the third island in Blox Fruits is where things get difficult. Here, you’ll come across a few Buddha NPCs too. They are tankier and have a Buddha explosion attack that can knock you backwards and cause a stun effect. Just keep in mind to dodge these attacks as they can save you time.

Buddha Raid in Blox Fruits

The fourth island has more Buddha NPCs and fewer ordinary ones. Here, you can use the Flash Step ability to recover from Buddha NPC’s attacks. The ability can help you teleport quickly between short distances. Use the earlier mantra too of dodging these attacks.

The final island in Blox Fruits is extremely tough because it involves Buddha NPCs and the Buddha boss itself. The boss will charge itself for a powerful attack as it slams on the ground from the air. Try to dodge these attacks as much as possible as they might take a chunk of your health and also leave you stunned. However, your HP is not a matter of concern as you will keep regenerating it if you continue hitting the Buddha boss. You just have to keep in mind the countdown as this battle will take much more time than the previous ones.

That sums it up on how to beat Buddha Raid in Blox Fruits. If you liked this, do check out all our Blox Fruit guides here.