Nookazon: The Best Way to Earn Bells Quickly

Earn ACNH Bells fast!

Everybody who plays Animal Crossing: New Horizons plays it for different reasons. Some want to craft more, some want daily challenges while some just want to decorate. If decorating your house and your island is your favorite thing to do in ACNH, then this guide will open up many more avenues for you.

And that is through Nookazon.

Nookazon is Animal Crossing’s unofficial and fan-made online marketplace where players can trade anything they want. Yes, even villagers. In the ACNH community, Nookazon has taken off and how! Players around the world are using Nookazon to sell items and earn tons of Bells. Want to know how you can use Nookazon to earn Bells quickly? This guide will tell you all about it.

How to Use Nookazon to Earn Bells

If you are looking to earn some Bells by selling something you don’t want, Nookazon makes it very easy. Let’s say that you own an anchor statue that doesn’t match your aesthetic anymore. If you want to sell that anchor statue, chances are that you will get some Bells for it on Nookazon.

How to Sell Items on Nookazon?

  • You can sign up on Nookazon using your Discord account and fill up your account details.
  • Search for ‘anchor statue’ and then add it to the listing by clicking the ‘Add Listing’ button.
  • Add your selling price for the item that will make you some profit. Make sure to avoid listing exorbitant prices in hopes of making a huge profit. You can even ask people to make an offer for it. If you’re lucky, you might get a crazy offer that you won’t be able to refuse.
  • You can also trade it for another item as well.
  • After your listing is up, people will contact you. If you’d like the deal to go ahead, then just generate a Dodo Code and ask them to come to your island.
  • Complete the transaction and then you are done! You have successfully earned Bells quickly in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Nookazon has made things much easier for players to buy, sell and trade items. If you possess an item that is highly sought after, selling it can earn you a good amount of ACNH money.

But not everyone has good intentions. There’s a chance that someone might scam you, so the best option is to be aware and alert. You can report a user on Discord or talk to a Discord moderator about your issue. Take care to adhere to ACNH’s multiplayer rules to ensure a safe transaction.

So, this is how you can earn Bells quickly with Nookazon. Go ahead, list an item that you want to sell, and make that moolah!

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