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How to Trade a Villager in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Yes, it's possible.

Don’t like a particular villager on your island? Do you wish you could trade them for someone else? Well, surprisingly, you can. Yes, it sounds strange but in reality, it’s not that bad.

Skeptics might say – trading villagers?! They are living, breathing creatures in the game. How could you think about trading them? The answer is simple – to help someone get the villager that you want to evict. Here’s how you can do it.

Trading Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

You can get a villager to go to another player’s island by following these simple steps.

Find the villager who is moving out

When a villager is planning to move out and you don’t want them on your island, just talk to them. Convince them that it’s time for them to explore places other than your island. Read our guide if you want to know how to get villagers to move out. Once they have made their decision to leave, you can initiate the next step of your plan.

Make the most of packing day

Any villager who is leaving will take an entire day to pack up their stuff. This is when you can begin the trade. Your friend (who wants the villager that’s leaving) needs to have an open lot of land on their island. Then, your friend needs to come to your island and talk to the villager who is moving out.

Let the convincing begin

Finally, they need to convince them to move to their island. If they are convincing enough, that villager will utilize the empty lot on their island and begin living there. That’s pretty much it. By doing this, you will have successfully traded a villager. It wasn’t so bad now, was it?

Players all over the world have now begun trading villagers using this trick. Quite a few Facebook groups have cropped up where people are trading villagers for villagers, Bells and Nook Miles tickets as well. So, if you have a villager who is moving out, maybe, just maybe, you could consider trading villagers with another player.

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