How To Become A Millionaire By Trading In Animal Crossing Black Market

The high pricing underground trading market

Animal Crossing New Horizon is an iconic holiday game suitable for gamers of every age. It is based on a simulation gameplay mechanics, where users construct their island, flourish it and invite other players. The online multiplayer adds more to the fun unlocking trading of items allowing players to buy valuables and shed of unnecessary items. Bells are the default currency in ACNH that helps players to purchase various items and visit new islands. So getting enough is always a task, but thanks to the trading feature ACNH has its own Amazon store. A kind of black market platform where players from Animal Crossing deal in items by bidding custom price. Extremely easy operation and it does not damage the reputation of your character.

The black market trading system is nothing but a manual way where users interact with each other using a dedicated platform to buy and sell items. Users with items, or villagers can put up their requirements and wait for the seller to contact them. With the right price, he or she can opt to give away the item, and use the bells to develop their islands. So here is a guide on how to become a millionaire by trading items in Animal Crossing New Horizon Black Market.

How to use Nookazon?

Nookazon is an unofficial store for the players of ACNH. A store where players can easily trade an array of items. It works via Discord server, the sign-up process requires to provide your ACNH profile info and the item you want to sell. A buyer will connect you through Discord and bid his price for the item, DIY recipe, or a villager. If you are satisfied with the deal you can deliver it to the buyer in the game.

Users have reported grabbing a million bells for villagers and thousands of bells for recipes and other items. If you are finding hard to get good money in ACNH then trying Nookazon will be a suitable option. Below is the list of items you can trade on Nookazon, the Amazon store of Animal Crossing New Horizon.

  • Clothing
  • DIY Receipe
  • Flowers
  • Fossils
  • Fruits
  • Furniture
  • Materials
  • Posters
  • Songs
  • Tools
  • Villagers

Similar to an ecommerce site, you can list your ACNH item on Nookazon. A buyer will contact you at a suitable cost, if you are unhappy you can skip the deal. Another way to earn a decent amount by giving up your Villager is by using Reddit Community – Adoptmyvillager. An invitation-only group where ACNH players trade their villagers in exchange for bells.

So here is an sum up of how everything works.

  • Signup on Nookazon and list the item or villager you want to sell.
  • Link your Disord account to Nookazon.
  • Search for an item you want to sell and add listing. Fill up listing details and price.
  • A seller will contact you, you can communicate using Discord.
  • You are happy with the deal and you sell up the item by visiting a NPC store or by visiting an island.

This is how you can earn millions of bells by selling things you don’t need. Sometimes it is best to give up villagers who are not interested in your island. Instead of waiting for them to go, you can list them up on these platforms and fill your pocket with a few decent bells.