V Rising: Early Game Guide

Started playing V Rising and need a bit of help? This early game guide has you covered.

If you have recently started playing this game then this early game guide will be useful to you. There are some common mistakes that many players do when starting this game, these can be avoided if you know about them. Here you will also get tips and tricks that will be helpful to beginners. So without further ado let us check this Early Game Guide for V Rising.

Early Game Guide for V Rising

v rising early game guide

Below are some of the most basic tips for you to use, especially in the early game.

  • Build Castle in a good place
  • Take advantage of the Blood Type
  • Make effective use of your weapons
  • Follow your Journal and Defeat V Bloods
  • Keep Upgrading
  • Use Servants

Let us learn more about them.

Build Castle in a good place

When you start playing the game it is easy to rush things and build your castle near the middle of the road. And that is one of the most common mistakes that most players do. Instead, you should focus on building your castle at someplace that is closer to waygates or where you can farm resources. This is important as many reagents in this game don’t come with you when you fast travel. If you play on a PvP server then you should also take into account, getting raided. You should check our guide on how to build a castle for more tips on it.

Take advantage of the Blood Type

This game has a unique mechanism that gives the player various buffs based on the Blood they feed on. It is easy to get blood as you simply need to attack the different humans, and creatures to get it from them. But the buffs you get are decided by the human you fed on and their blood quality. So the higher the quality the better. But one important thing here is you will eventually run out of blood. So don’t be hesitant to replace, the blood just because your new foe doesn’t have high-quality blood. You should also consider which is the best blood type for which situation.

Make effective use of your weapons – V Rising Early Game Guide

Your weapons are very important when taking down your enemies. But not every weapon is best suited for every task. For example, a mace is blunt thus it doesn’t deal slash damage, but you can use it to mine gemstones. Similarly, crossbows allow you to do ranged attacks. Hence you should use them to take out any minions before engaging in boss battles. These were just two examples you should try playing around with these weapons to see what fits your playstyle and in which scenarios you should use them.

Follow your Journal and Defeat V Bloods

Whenever you are clueless about your next objective then you should refer to your Journal. It will give you the needed guidance as to how to progress ahead. And that is where defeating V Bloods comes in. You can arguably challenge V Bloods even if your character’s level is low. But that is not really recommended. You should always try to fight a V Blood when you match their level or your level is higher than theirs.

Keep Upgrading

As you defeat V Bloods you will get their powers, blueprints for various structures, and recipes for different reagents. Once you unlock them it is a good idea to go farming for the resources needed to make the things you just learned. Because these will in turn be useful to you when you try to upgrade your weapons, armor, and gear. And better Equipment means tougher bosses and areas you can take on.

Use Servants

This tip isn’t exactly for the early game but once you learn how to make servants you can speed up the process of resource collection. Using your servants simply allows you to outsource the entire process of farming. And you can also use them to defend your castle. Knowing the best servants for the right job will speed things even faster.

That sums up this early game guide for V Rising. If you plan to play this game alone then our Solo Beginners guide should be useful to you. And for more help with this game check out our V Rising section.