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Pokemon BDSP How To Get Dusk Stone In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Learn how to Find & Get the Dusk Stone in Pokemon BDSP.

In Pokemon BDSP, many of the Pokemon can evolve into a stronger form in their evolutionary line. Most evolve by leveling up while others require external means. One such means is by holding an Elemental Stone. In later generations of Pokemon, the Dusk Stone was introduced. So in today’s article, I will explain how to get the Dusk stone in Pokemon BDSP.

How To Get Dusk Stone In Pokemon BDSP

dusk stone galactic warehouse

There are 2 locations where you can get Dusk Stone from in Pokemon BDSP, one is in Veilstone City and the other is in Victory Road. In either case, the earliest you get a Dusk Stone in Pokemon BDSP is after getting 7 Gym Badges. Here is how you can get both:

In Veilstone City, there is a Dusk Stone within the Galactic Warehouse in Pokemon BDSP. But it is locked behind a door that needs a Storage Key. To get the Storage Key, you will need to go to the Galactic HQ and talk to one of the Galactic Grunts. After talking to them, you will receive the Storage Key. Once you have it, go back to the Galactic Warehouse and unlock the Door. The Dusk Stone will be waiting for you.

The other Dusk Stone in Pokemon BDSP is in the Victory Road. To get this one, you will need to get the National Dex. You will need it as there is an NPC that blocks one cave entrance within Victory Road in Pokemon BDSP. Once you are in Victory Road, go all the way down and go to the Wall where you can use Rock Climb. Before you go down the Wall, you should see a Cave entrance on your right. You have to go there, so go down the Wall and loop around the platform to reach that entrance and enter.

Now follow the Cave till you enter a Cave system that you need to use Defog. Use Defog and then go all the up. There will be other detours like stairs and other paths, ignore them and go up. You should reach a path that has Boulders. Move those Boulders aside and keep going up till you see a Boulder puzzle with two Pokeballs. The Northmost one is the Dusk Stone item. Solve the puzzle and get the Dusk Stone in Pokemon BDSP.

The Pick Up Method

dusk stone victory road

There is another method in getting Dusk Stones in Pokemon BDSP. It involves a Pokemon with the Ability Pick Up. This Ability will pick up a used item from the opposing Pokemon if the Pokemon with Pick Up is not holding an Item. This is fine but the Pick Up Ability has an Outside Of Battle effect where it will generate an Item even if it has not participated in a battle or fainted. here are the chances of getting a Dusk Stone with a Pokemon with Pick Up.

  • 1 to 10 Levels of a Pokemon: 0% Chance
  • 11 to 20 Levels of a Pokemon: 4% Chance
  • 21 to 30 Levels of a Pokemon: 3% Chance
  • 31 to 40 Levels of a Pokemon: 4% Chance
  • 41 to 50 Levels of a Pokemon: 4% Chance
  • 51 to 60 Levels of a Pokemon: 4% Chance
  • 61 to 70 Levels of a Pokemon: 4% Chance
  • 71 to 80 Levels of a Pokemon: 5% Chance
  • 81 to 90 Levels of a Pokemon: 9% Chance
  • 91 to 100 Levels of a Pokemon: 10% Chance

The Pokemon you can use for this technique is Pachirisu. Find a Pachirisu with this ability and keep it in your Pokemon Roster. You will get Dusk Stones in no time.

Pokemons that Evolve with a Dusk Stone

In Pokemon BDSP, you can only evolve 2 Pokemon with a Dusk Stone. They are:

  • #072 Misdreavus -> #073 Mismagius (Ghost Type).
  • #074 Murkrow -> #075 Honchkrow (Dark Flying Type).

This was all about getting Dusk Stones in Pokemon BDSP. Hopefully, this article has helped you in getting the Dusk Stones you require. You can check out our guides on Beat Champion Cynthia and Iron Island In Pokemon BDSP