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How To Get To Iron Island In Pokemon BDSP

Learn how to get to Iron Island in Pokemon BDSP.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl is the latest Tille published by Nintendo. In Pokemon BDSP, you relive your Platinum adventures in an updated and smoother game. One of the few things players have searching is how to get to Iron Island. Iron Island is the West Most Island on the map of Pokemon BDSP. in this guide I will show you how to get to Iron Island in Pokemon BDSP.

How to Get to Iron Island Pokemon BDSP

iron island pokemon bdsp

Like I have mentioned above, Iron Island is on the Western side of the Mainland. The only way you can get to Iron Island is by sailing a boat from Canalave City. To get to Canalave City in Pokemon BDSP, you will need to get the first 5 Gym Badges and have the Surf HM. From Jubilife City, head west into a tunnel. Once you cross that tunnel, you are in a forest kind of area. This is Route 218. Here you will need Surf to get to the other side. Once you get there, you see another tunnel, and exiting from there will bring you to Canalave City in Pokemon BDSP.

As you enter Canalave City, you will see some Boats (Ships, Yachts, etc.). To get there, go North of Canalave City. Frome there Head West from a bridge and then South. Talk to the Sailor who is the owner of the Boat and he will take you to Iron Island. Before heading to Iron Island, make sure you have an empty slot in your Pokemon Roster. Do this as you will obtain a Mystery Pokemon Egg. The Pokemon Egg will be given to you by Riley after you do some team battles with him. The Pokemon Egg you will get is a Riolu Egg. After getting the Egg, put it in your Pokemon Roster and walk roughly between 6,000 to 6,500 Steps to hatch it.

This was all about getting to Iron Island in Pokemon BDSP. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Route 224 and Defog in Pokemon BDSP.