How To Get Drywood In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here's where you can find Drywood in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Crafting and exploring recipes, decorating your Valley, gathering items, and completing quests to increase the friendship level with NPCs are all the essence of Disney Dreamlight Valley. To craft items, you will require materials found across the Valley. One such material is Drywood. It is used in crafting furniture or to complete a few quests. Although it is found late in the game, the value it holds is worth it. And with this guide, getting Drywood in Disney Dreamlight Valley is easy.

How to find Drywood in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Drywood is Greyish White in appearance. They look different from other types of wood found in the game due to the color. Hence, distinguishing them from other woods is easy. You can find them on the ground. And they are available in these Biomes:

  • Forgotten Lands
  • Frosted Height
  • Sunlit PlateauGet Drywood in Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock these Biomes you will need to spend Dreamlight. Sunlit Plateau is the cheapest and you can unlock it for 10,000 Dreamlight. Frosted Height will require 10,000 Dreamlight and Forgotten Lands will require 15,000 Dreamlight to access them. Overall to unlock these Biomes together will require 35,000 Dreamlight. Although you don’t need to unlock all three biomes as any one of them is sufficient to access Drywood. Dreamlight Duties is the easiest way to earn some Dreamlight as you be completing them without much effort along with the progressing game.


  • Crafting furniture such as Elegant Gazebo or Stellar DJ Booths needs Drywood.
  • You need Drywood to complete Anna’s storyline’s final quest ‘Do you Wanna Build a Snowman’
  • Also, Drywood is one of the materials you need in making Lion’s Claw Shovel Head for completing the Breaking Bones quest.
  • If you have enough Drywood you can sell it for 25 Star Coins for each piece in Goofy Stall.

That’s everything covered on how to get Drywood. Also, for some tips to get more Dreamlight, our guide for collecting Dreamlight in Disney Dreamlight Valley will help you in collecting a sufficient amount of it.