How to Awaken the Dough Fruit in King Legacy

You can make yourself stronger than ever if you get the Dough Awakening in King Legacy. Check out here to learn more about it.

Dough is one of the best fruits in King Legacy, and Awakening its powers will take you one step closer to glory. If you have gone through our Fruits Tier List, you may already know how important this fruit is. Moves like Heat Shot, Flexible Punches, and Sharpen Spike explain why you should get this fruit. These moves will only get better and stronger if you get the Dough Awakening in King Legacy. Let us explain how to Awaken this fruit so you can overpower your enemies anytime.

How To Get Dough Awakening In King Legacy

To get the Dough Awakening in King Legacy, you will need three dough fruits in your inventory. Two fruits are needed for Awakening, and one is required to eat. Just to let you know, you can find this fruit by exploring the map, from the shop, and in the Black Market.

Once you have 3 Dough Fruits, go to the Awake Master’s hut in Viridans, Second Sea Island. Once you reach there, open your Inventory and equip 2 Dough Fruits in your Hotbar. Next, interact with the button on the left of Awake Master twice. It should say 2/2 once you have put 2 Dough in it. Your next step should be interacting with the Awake Master and paying him Gems to Awaken any power you choose.

how to awaken the dough fruit in king legacy

You will need 572 Gems to buy all the Dough Awakening in King Legacy. For your reference, below are all the powers that you can Awaken:

PowerAwakened FormPrice
Flexible Punch (Z)Bouncy Fist9 Gems
Heat Shot (X)Missile Dough29 Gems
Liquid Drops (C)Glutinous Bind99 Gems
Rapidly Punches (V)Sticky Assault144 Gems
Sharpen Spike (B)Chewy Rampage222 Gems
Dough Spin €Spike Spiral69 Gems

That’s all you can do to get the Dough Awakening in King Legacy. While this will make you stronger, you can also try awakening other fruits like Quake and Magma to make yourself an irresistible force.