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How To Get Gems In King Legacy

Here's how you can get gems in King Legacy.

Apart from Beli, that is the primary currency in the game. There is a secondary currency in the game known as gems. Collecting Gems might be difficult, but this guide will make your job easy by telling you to get gems in King Legacy.


How to Get Gems in King Legacy?

Roblox King Legacy get gems

  • You can get gems by completing some Raids in the game. Golden arena Raid that’s accessible in the second sea earns you a minimum of 5 Gems in Easy mode. In Normal mode, you gain at least 15 Gems. There are 30 waves in the raid and you get a 0.5% drop chance of getting gems while defeating NPCs and a 10% drop chance of defeating the raid Boss.
  • After defeating Kaido and Odenthe raid bosses in the Second Seayou will receive Gems, Bellis, and other uncommon goods and accessories.
  • Sea Beasts and the Ghost Ship, which are also found in the Second Sea can be defeated to gain a special chest that contains 2 – 10 gems.
  • If you are desperate enough to earn gems you earn them by redeeming codes. You can redeem codes by entering codes in the game.
  • To redeem codes click on the settings to open a Dialogue Box. You will find the ‘enter the code’ section at the end of the box.
  • Click on the box and type the code to get gems.
  • Another easy way to get gems is by purchasing them in-game shop for a few Robux.

Uses of Gems

  • They mainly used to awaken Fruits, especially the Dark Fruits after defeating the Awakening Boss.
  • You can buy a Random Fruit from the NPC Gatcha found in the ‘Starter island’ for one gem unlimited times.
  •  You can also buy specific Fruit from the Black market for gems which often costs less than spending Belli.

That’s all you need to know about getting gems. To redeem Gems and other rewards in  King Legacy. Check out our King Legacy Code Guide.