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King Legacy Roblox Codes October 2021

Get to know the promo codes in Roblox King Legacy and how to redeem them as well.

Want to know how to get Roblox King Legacy Codes? If you answered yes, you’ve arrived at the right location. The previous game King Piece has been deleted and renamed as King Legacy. However, you can log in and continue all your progress from King Piece with the same account.

King Legacy Codes List (October 2021)


In this guide, we’ll show you how to use all of the latest, new, working, and valid codes to redeem to get Beli and gems for your characters right now. We’ve also got the expired codes below that don’t work anymore.

How to Redeem Dragon King Legacy Codes

King Legacy New Codes (New)


Below are all of the currently active King Legacy Codes. Make sure you use them as they are shown because the promo codes are case-sensitive.

  • Update2_17 – Redeem to get 3 Gems (New Code!)
  • 300KLIKES – Redeem to get a Stat Reset
  • 400KLIKES – Redeem to get a Stat Reset
  • 600KFAV – Redeem to get 1 Gem
  • 700KFAV – Redeem to get 1 Gem
  • 800KFAV – Redeem to get 1 Gem
  • 900KFAV – Redeem to get 1 Gem

Old King Legacy Codes


These are the codes that have been expired:

  • 100KFAV
  • 150KLIKES
  • 200MVISITS
  • 20MVisit
  • 22kLike
  • 23kLike
  • 250KLIKES
  • 26kLikes
  • 300KFAV
  • 300MVISITS
  • 35MVisit
  • 45KLIKES
  • 45MVISIT
  • 500KFAV
  • 50KLIKES
  • 70KLIKES
  • 90KFavorites
  • BeckComeBack
  • BeckyStyle
  • BestEvil
  • Brachio
  • DinoxLive
  • GasGas
  • KingPieceComeBack
  • Makalov
  • Merry Christmas
  • NewDragon
  • OpOp
  • Peerapat
  • Peodiz
  • QuakeQuake
  • Shadow
  • Snow
  • String
  • TanTaiGaming
  • Threeramate
  • Update2_16
  • UpdateGem

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox King Legacy?

how to redeem king piece legacy codes



Don’t know how to redeem these promo codes? Don’t worry, it’s easy. Take these basic steps to redeem codes in King Legacy:

  1. Open King’s Legacy in Roblox.
  2. Look for the Gear icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  3. In the pop-up that appears, there will be an ENTER CODE section at the bottom.
  4. Copy any of the above-mentioned codes and paste them into the text ox.
  5. To receive your reward, press the enter key on your keyboard.

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