King Legacy: How To Awaken Magma

Here's everything you need to know about Magma awakening.

Magma is one of the best fruits when it comes to Grinding and Raiding in King Legacy. This Logia Fruit has high damage stats when it comes to close-range combats. The awakened Magma Fruit is more lethal in battle. Awakening Magma is difficult due to the rare items or the tasks which are hard for many players. Hence, here’s a step-by-step guide for awakening Magma for the players stuck in between.

How to Awaken Magma in King Legacy?

Magma Fruit Awakening King Legacy

  • The first step in awakening Magma is to reach a minimum level of 3375 and obtain the Oni mask.
  • Oni Mask is a rare item that is obtained by defeating Crimson Demon with only a 5% chance of Dropping. Hence, you might need to repeat the steps again and again till you obtain one.
  • Summon Crimson Demon with the help of Magma Crystal.
  • Magma Crystals are Dropped by The Volcano NPCs found on the endangered island. These NPCs use all the known Magma moves. Defeat them to obtain Magma Crystals with a 5% chance of dropping.
  • Once you Obtain the Oni Mask meet the Awaken Master who will Teleport you to the Awakening Boss in exchange for one Physical Magma Fruit in your inventory.
  • Awakening Boss has 1.5 Million health and he is hard to defeat as he uses all the awakened moves of your Fruit.
  • Once you defeat him you can interact with Awaken Master to awaken your moves in exchange for gems. To awaken all the moves you will require 725 gems.


  • Awakened Magma has faster movement, especially in flying.
  • The awakened form can walk on water.
  • High-damaging attacks.
  • Useful in Grinding.


  • It is only useful in Close Combats.
  • Poor performance in PVP.
  • V move is a controversial attacking move as its unawakened form does more damage than its awakened form.
  • It has a very low aim.

That’s all you need to know about how to Awaken Magma in King Legacy. Also, check out our guide on how to get all Haki abilities in King Legacy.