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King Legacy: How To Awaken Quake

Here's how you can awaken Quake in King Legacy.

Quake is a Devil fruit with Epic rarity. You can buy it from the Black market for $3,600,000 or 3 gems or from Gacha. Players like this fruit because of its abilities that stun the enemy. Especially awakened X move followed by the awakened V move can kill any player in the PVP. The awakened form of Quake is highly destructive. This guide has all the steps required for awakening Quake.


How to Awaken Quake in King Legacy?

Quake Awakening in King Legacy

  • There are no hard steps required like Magma to awaken Quake.
  • Equip the Quake Fruit and have a Physical Fruit of the same in your inventory.
  • Reach Viridans which is located in the Second Sea.
  • Find Awaken Master an NPC found on the island. Interact with him to teleport you to the Awakening Boss in exchange for the Physical Fruit.
  • You will need to Defeat the Awakening Boss who has 1 million health. He will attack you with all the awakened abilities of Quake.
  • His V move also known as Belligerence Tsunami can deal you heavy damage and you cannot dodge this attack unless you have Observation Haki.
  • Even one hit of the wave can decrease your health by half.
  • Hence, to lower the damage caused to you and to deal him maximum damage spam attack with X, C, and V to keep him stunned and dealing damage at the same time.
  • After defeating him, return to the Awaken Master.
  • He will awaken your quake moves in exchange for gems.


  • One of the best fruit for Grinding.
  • It can give you easy wins in PVP if you know to use the moves correctly.
  • Awakened V move deals high damage.
  • Very low cooldown time and hence you can spam attack your enemies.
  • Can be used from distance.


  • Rare to obtain.
  • Awakened V move takes 6 seconds to spawn 4 waves, these waves can be dodged in the open.
  • Cannot hit islands above sea level.

That’s all you need to know about how to awaken Quake in King Legacy. Also, check out our guide on how to all Haki abilities in King Legacy.