Persona 3 Reload: All Dorm Activities And Hangout Rewards

Wondering if hanging out with your dorm members is worth it in Persona 3 Reload? Here are all the hangout rewards for the different activities.

Persona 3 Reload isn’t just about fighting Shadows and you find that out soon enough after spending a few hours into the game. Without getting too much into the spoilers, as you progress you unlock more SEES members and even dorm activities to do with them at night. However, since there is already a lot to do many players aren’t sure if doing them is even worth it. If you are concerned about the same then worry not as this P3R dorm hangout rewards list has got you covered.

Dorm Hangout Rewards List for Persona 3 Reload – are they Worth it?

Persona 3 Reload Dorm Hangout Rewards List
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You should definitely do the different activities with the members, because when you hang out with them for the 3rd time you unlock a passive buff. We will check all the activities and how to identify whom to hang out with in a bit, but assuming you already know that, here are the buffs you can get:

  • Aigis
    • Phys Boost: Improves physical skills.
  • Akihiko
    • Buff Boost: Enhances the buff effects on himself.
  • Fuuka
    • Weakness Buffer: When an ally is attacked with something they are weak against, the damage taken is reduced.
  • Junpei
    • Critical Boost: Enhances both critical rate and critical hit strength.
  • Ken
    • Spirit Refresh: Auto restores 5 SP every turn in battle.
  • Koromaru
    • Auto Sukunda: Lowers evasion/accuracy of any random foe for 3 turns each time a battle starts.
  • Mitsuru
    • Ailment Burst: Enhances critical rate against foes with ailments.
  • Shinjiro
    • Auto Bolster: Boosts his own attack and defense boost each time the battle starts.
  • Yukari
    • Healing Master: The SP cost of healing skills is cut down to half.

Aside from that when you do these activities the first two times they are also useful for increasing your social stats, getting items as rewards, and more.

All Dorm Activities in P3R

There are mainly 4 things you can do:

  • Cooking: Member will be next to the bar area near Kitchen.
  • Gardening: Member will be standing near the Stairs.
  • Reading: Member will be standing next to the bookshelf.
  • Watching DVDs: Member will be next to the TV.

How to Find Members Looking for Dorm Activities

How To Find Members For Dorm Activities In P3R
Image Credits: justonegamr on YouTube. Finding members for Dorm activities in P3R.

It is very easy to recognize these members. They will be standing in either of the four locations mentioned above and will also have a blue smile in a chat bubble icon over their head. Except for Koromaru who will have a dog icon instead.

That is all for the dorm hangout activities and rewards in Persona 3 Reload. While you are here don’t forget to check our other guides on how to get Twilight Fragments, muscle drink, and find Juzumaru.