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Pokemon GO: Don’t Tangle With Us! Grunt Counters (January 2023)

Here are the Counters you should use against the Don’t tangle with us Grunt in Pokemon GO.

While spinning Poke stops in Pokemon GO, you have a good chance of encountering Team Rocket GO grunts. Each of them will have a different dialogue line which decides what Pokemon they will use in Battle. “Don’t Tangle with Us!” is one such line used by a Pokemon GO grunt that you should know counters of. So here are all the Pokemon they’ll use in battles, the three phases, and how to counter them.


How to Counter Don’t Tangle with Us Grunt in Pokemon GO

pokemon go best counters for don't tangle with us grunt

The Grunt that uses the line “Don’t Tangle with Us!” uses Grass-type Pokemon, so you can counter it using Fire Pokemon. If you encounter them then you are lucky as there is a good chance you will have at least 1 Pokemon on your team, that can counter them. Grass Pokemon are weak against 5 types these are Flying, Bug, Poison, Fire, and Ice. To effectively counter them, you should first know their Pokemon. Since there are 3 phases in the battle they can use any of the following Pokemon:

  • First Phase:
    • Chikorita (Grass)
    • Cacnea (Grass)
  • Second Phase:
    • Bayleef (Grass)
  • Third Phase:
    • Meganium (Grass)
    • Amoonguss (Grass/Poison)
    • Cacturne (Grass/Dark)

Best Counters for Don’t Tangle with Us Grunt

Here are all the Pokemon you can use in each phase:

  • Chikorita: Charizard, Heracross, and Darmanitan.
  • Cacnea: Torkoal, Pidgeot, and Glaceon.
  • Bayleef: Altaria, Flareon, and Scyther.
  • Meganium: Staraptor, Yanma, and Arbok.
  • Amoonguss: Delphox, Ninetales, and Xatu.
  • Cacturne: Blaziken, Emboar, and Infernape.

That covers this guide on the best counters for Grunts that use the “Don’t tangle with us” dialogue line in Pokemon GO. If you need more help on other topics of this game then you should definitely check out our Pokemon GO section. Here you can get help on topics like how to get Gallade, get Kecleon, get Kangaskhan, and more.