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Pokemon GO: How To Find & Get Kecleon (Invisible Pokestop Obstacle Explained)

Here is how you can get a Kecleon in Pokemon GO.

Kecleon the chameleon Pokemon is finally here and you can Catch one in Pokemon GO. It is a Normal-type Pokemon that was first introduced in Gen 3 games of the main series. And just like the first time you encounter it in Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald. Here too it will block you in a way. But it won’t spawn like your usual Pokemon, and that has many players puzzled. So in this guide check out how to Find and Get a Kecleon in Pokemon GO.


How to Catch a Kecleon in Pokemon GO

pokemon go where to find and catch kecleon

You can find a Kecleon in Pokemon GO at Pokestops that you can’t spin. While most will work like normal, you will eventually come across one that you won’t be able to spin. The game will tell you “There’s an invisible obstacle in your way”. On such Pokestops, you will see a translucent silhouette of a Lizard-like Pokemon. It is none other than Kecleon. Tap on the Kecleon multiple times until it shows itself to you and leaves the Pokestop.

The wild Kecleon will now spawn outside the Pokestop and you will be able to catch it after closing the Pokestop. Here are the exact steps for catching it:

  1. Spin any Pokestops you come across.
  2. Keep tapping on the Silhouette of a Kecleon that prevents you from spinning the Pokestop.
  3. Once it leaves it, exit the stop and tap on Kecleon.
  4. This will start your Wild Encounter. Since it is a Normal-type Pokemon you can use Fighting-Type Pokemon to lower its health faster.
  5. Throw any Poke ball of your choice. Ultra and Great Balls have a better chance of catching it faster. You can also use a Razz berry to increase your odds of catching it.

Can you Get a Shiny Kecleon?

You can start encountering a Shiny Kecleon during and after the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas event. But going to Las Vegas just to catch a Kecleon isn’t something most people would want to do. Worry not, everyone will get a chance to encounter a shiny Kecleon during the Hoenn – Global event of Pokemon GO Tour.

That covers this guide on how to find, catch, and get a Kecleon in Pokemon GO. For more help on this game be sure to check out our Pokemon GO guides to learn about other such events.