How To Get Gallade In Pokemon Go (Explained)

Here's how to get a Gallade in Pokemon Go.

Speaking of the most popular Pokemon game, this conversation can never end without Pokemon Go. Being different from other games, the main aim of Pokemon Go was to encourage players to collect more and more Pokemon. Thereafter, figuring out their evolutions, battling other Trainers, and what not. While there are hundreds of Pokemon for you to collect on the map, a Gallade is what you should not miss. Hence, check out this guide to know how to obtain a Gallade in Pokemon Go.

Steps to Get Gallade in Pokemon Go

You can obtain a Gallade by evolving a Male Kirlia by using a 100x Candy & Sinnoh Stone. For those who don’t know, Gallade belongs to the evolution tree of Ralts. A Ralt is evolved into Kirlia, which is further evolved to get a Gallade in Pokemon Go.

How To Get Gallade In Pokemon Go

Now for those who don’t know, there is a 50-50% chance that you may get a male Ralt or a female Ralt. Both male and female Ralts evolve into Kirlia at level 20. However, if it is a female, then it will evolve into a Gardevoir. On the other hand, a male one will evolve to become a Gallade in Pokemon Go. You can check the gender of your Ralt by tapping on them. There will be a gender symbol right there. Also, keep in mind that a Kirlia that is caught in the wild can’t be evolved. Thereafter, Shadow versions of Kirlias can not be evolved into a Gallade either. So, ensure that you have a Ralt which is further evolved.

It is possible to obtain a Sinnoh Stone by completing Seven Field Research tasks. Additionally, you can also get it by defeating Team Go Rocket Leader or a Trainer in PvP battles.

That covers everything on how to get a Gallade in Pokemon Go. Meanwhile, you are here, make sure to check out our other Pokemon Go guides on Gamer Tweak.