Does Warzone Mobile Have Bots? (Answered)

Is Warzone Mobile using bots in matches? Find out the answer here.

With the worldwide launch of the iconic Verdansk and Rebirth Island players are filled with curiosity, wondering numerous questions. One such question that many are thinking about is how is Activision planning to fill all player slots. Does Warzone Mobile have bots? If it does, how are they going to be used, and so on? If you too are looking for their answers, you have landed at the right place – more details below.

Are There Bots in COD Warzone Mobile?

The Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile Twitter handle made a post in 2022 clarifying that there can be up to 120 live players in a single match with no bots. Even if they do, they will only exist for the sake of optimal matchmaking times. The priority will be on filling the seats with the real players.

Playing with the bots has always been boring and often easy due to which many preferred to face real players. The actual fun of Battle Royale is being unleashed here as you are going against 119 opponents who are most likely live players loading their in-game weapons to win the match.

You will be playing with the bots in the tutorial stages, as they are for practice and to make you get comfortable with what’s waiting for you in Verdansk and Rebirth Island. However, that is it, as we have said above the priority is not on the bots but on you.

That’s everything to know about this! If you’re curious to know how to play COD Warzone Mobile with a controller and how to link your COD Mobile account to Warzone Mobile, we’ve got just the guides you need.