Dying Light 2 Docket Codes (April 2024)

Here's all about Dockets and Dying Light 2 Docket Codes.

Docket Codes were the best way for the devs to show their application to us, the player and fan base of the first game. So taking all the talks and hints, we know Dockets will make a come back in Stay Human. So here’s what we know about Dockets and Dying Light 2 Docket Codes for rewards.

Last checked for new codes on April 1, 2024. But codes tend to expire in 2 to 3 days. We will be updating new codes as they are released.

All About Dying Light 2 Docket Codes (April 2024)

Dockets in Dying Light 2 are codes you can give to your Quartermaster to get unique items like weapons, gear, and more. These items are revealed through the dev’s social media channels and during special events. Weapon dockets will unlock special distinctive and sometimes eccentric weapons which may not be possible to make in your game using junk and spare parts from the city.

How to Get Dockets in Dying Light 2

How to Get Dockets in Dying Light 2?

To get Dockets in Dying Light 2, you need to connect your Dockets account with the platform you wish to redeem the rewards. You will be able to do this through the official dev webpage (TechlandGG). Select your platform from Steam, Epic, PS, or Xbox. Make sure to pick the right platform especially if you have more than one copy of the game on different platforms (which can be rare but we know someone who owns the first game on more than one platform here).

Now the Docket will be available in your game according to the profile you selected. This means if more than one profile is playing the game on your Xbox or PlayStation, each player has to redeem for themself from the TechlandGG webpage.

Bring your docket to the Quartermaster and you can exchange it for the reward associated with it. But make sure not to redeem all the weapon dockets at once. This is because your docket reward will only max out at the current level you redeem them. So make sure to redeem each weapon docket as you level up, and when you feel they are required. But also keep in mind these codes have an expiry date, so check for them and do not wait till that.

All Dying Light 2 Docket Codes

Here are all the codes that you can use to redeem free rewards:

  • HELL — Redeem for Gold Tier Docket (New)
  • IAMCRUSTY — Redeem for Gold Tier Docket
  • GVMERS — Redeem for Gold Tier Docket
  • IMBERNE — Redeem for Gold Tier Docket
  • TECHLAND30 — Redeem for Gold Tier Docket
  • PSISYN — Redeem for Gold Tier Docket
  • ROBOKAST — Redeem for Gold Tier Docket
  • GRE31SVNBOHFUDQH — Redeem for Normal Tier Docket
  • EVERYONEHASASTORY — Redeem for a wallpaper
  • EVERYONE —Redeem for a wallpaper
  • HAS — Redeem for a wallpaper
  • ASTORY — Redeem for a wallpaper

Free Dying Light 2 Rewards

Dying Light 2 Rewards

Here are all the free Dying Light 2 specific Aiden rewards you can get by linking your game platform to Techland GG account:

  • 0 XP (Outsider) – the Hussar Sword
  • 10500 XP (Farmer) – Aiden’s Bracers
  • 115500 XP (Scavenger) – Aiden’s Shoes
  • 138000 XP (Scavenger) – Paraglider Skin 1
  • 150000 XP (Scavenger) – Aiden’s Greave
  • 162500 XP (Nighthunter) – Paraglider Skin 2
  • 175500 XP (Nighthunter) – Charms Pack
  • 189000 XP (Nighthunter) – Paraglider Skin 3
  • 27500 XP (Builder) – Aiden’s Torso
  • 76500 XP (Trader) – Aiden’s Gloves
  • 95000 XP (Trader) – Aiden’s Headwear

Dying Light Techland GG Rewards

These are the Dying Light rewards by linking Techland GG account:

  • 500 XP (Outsider) – Last Hope (DL2 Weapon in DL1)
  • 1500 XP (Outsider) – World’s Best Pet
  • 3000 XP (Outsider) – Lightning Swan
  • 5000 XP (Outsider) – Ye Olde Trusty
  • 7500 XP (Farmer) – Dragon’s Breath
  • 14000 XP (Farmer) – Grim Scepter
  • 18000 XP (Farmer) – Bolted Mace
  • 22500 XP (Farmer) – Neon Storm (Buggy Skin)
  • 33000 XP (Builder) – C4
  • 39000 XP (Builder) – Deadeye’s Bow
  • 45500 XP (Builder) – Spectral Bat
  • 52500 XP (Builder) – Deadeye’s Crossbow
  • 60000 XP (Trader) – Little Rising Sun (Buggy Skin)
  • 85500 XP (Trader) – Ratty (Outfit)

That’s all about Dockets and Dying Light 2 Docket Codes. While you are here, make to check out more topics we covered in our Dying Light 2 Guides like how to repair weaponsfast travel, use paragliderbest skills, and how to fix DL2 crashing issues on PC.