Star Wars Jedi Survivor DLSS 3 Mod Doubles FPS

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The Star Wars Jedi Survivor is finally out and has been praised by many players as well as critics alike. But with the horrible frame drops & other issues, playing the game on PC is almost impossible. With no graphics settings seeming to help out, imagine the frustration level for the players using the GeForce RTX 40 series. This is where the PureDark modder on YouTube came to the rescue helping out the 40 series’ owners with their DLSS 3 mod. So, here’s where you can find everything about the DLSS 3 mod for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

DLSS 3 Mod for Star Wars Jedi Survivor Doubles FPS

jedi survivor dlss mod

On YouTube, Pure Dark has revealed a modded demo version of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor running at better frame rates. As stated by the description, the modder has used DLSSG in the game. But because of the Denvo Anti-tamper and Anti-cheat, they could not replace FSR2 with the DLSS. This will be the modder’s third DLSS 3 implementation mod after Skyrim and Elden Ring. Nevertheless, only the players using the 40-series can truly reap the benefits of the DLSS 3 Mod.

According to the showcased video, doing so boosted the game’s performance on PC better. As showcased, using this mod increased the frame drops from 30-50 FPS to over 90 FPS. But as it is a demo to test the DLSS Frame generation on AMD FideltyFX Fidelity Super Resolution 2, the modder stated it had some issues. Furthermore, the modder also stated it was not a polished implementation. That’s because DLSS 3 support is not included in the game.

These issues are mainly because the FSR2 does not support and cannot be used with the DLSS frame generation. In a reply to a YouTube comment, the modder stated that they had a breakthrough and now, are trying to replace FSR2 with DLSS. That being said, this DLSS 3 mod for Jedi Survivor isn’t released yet.

While Respawn has acknowledged the PC performance issues and committed to fixing these issues, let’s hope for the best. In the meanwhile, you can check out the below video for the DLSS mod’s demo:

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