Star Wars Jedi Survivor Best Skills To Purchase & Unlock Early

Confused about which upgrades to unlock and prioritize early? Check out our guide to find out the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor skills to purchase first.

As you spend your hard-earned skill points, it is important to know the best skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor to prioritize early on. Although it is possible to learn every ability and unlock all the skill trees, it can take a long time to earn skill points. Be it the lightsaber stances, or the Force, you need several skills and abilities to level up. In this guide, we have compiled the best Jedi Survivor skills to prioritize and learn first. So, check out our guide to find the best skills & abilities to purchase early.

Best Early Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skills to Buy

There are mainly three categories for the skill trees including the Survivor, Lightsaber, & Force. As you progress, you will unlock different skill trees and abilities for these categories.

So, here are the best skills in Jedi Survivor to buy first:

Survivor Skills & Abilities

  • Survival Skills
  • Improved Stim Formula

As you start, we recommend focusing on the basic skills & abilities. For example, the Survival skills increase Cal’s maximum health bar. This can be helpful while adapting to the gameplay mechanics and enemy attacks. The Improved Stim formula can increase the amount of health while healing from the BD’s Stim. Once you have enough skill points, you can also go for their Perfected tiers.

Force Skills & Abilities

best skills in star wars jedi survivor early

  • Attunement
  • Wrenching Pull
  • Addled Mind

Starting, we suggest increasing Cal’s maximum force by purchasing the Attunement skill. As your max force increases, it will allow Cal to use more Force attacks. If you have the best time slicing droids and Bedlam Raiders, you should also buy the Wrenching Pull skill. This skill allows you to grab the nearby groups of enemies and kill them in a single blow with your lightsaber. Speaking of which, the Addled Mind skill can also help you get more time around confused enemies.

Best Light Saber Skills & Abilities in Jedi Survivor

Before we get to the best picks, we recommend deciding the best stance in Star Wars Jedi Survivor for yourself. For me, it is the Double-bladed Stance. So, I prioritized getting all the skills or abilities for the Double-bladed stance. But as it all depends on your playstyle, you can choose another stance and unlock its skills.

So, here are our recommendations of the best skills for every Light Saber stance in Jedi Survivor:

For Single-bladed Stance

  • Lunge Attack: Cal performs long and reaching thrust attack.
  • Twofold Reflection: Reflects up to two blaster attacks from the enemies.

Double-bladed Stance

  • Vortex Dive: Dives forward on the enemies while spinning the lightsaber.
  • Double Orbit: Performs a second lightsaber throw around Cal against enemies.

Dual-wield Stance

  • Focused Parry: Cal performs a spinning strike once yo
  • Precision Release: Allows Cal to perform a follow-up attack & stun nearby enemies.

Blaster Stance

  • Improved Clip: Increases maximum blaster ammunition by three.
  • Point Blank: Use the Force attack before an enemy hits to blast them away.

Crossguard Stance

  • Rendering Strike: Hold the attack to perform a single, high-damage swing with a long windup.
  • Greater Cleaving Swing: Reduces Focus attack charge-up time.

Can you Reset Skills in Jedi Survivor?

Yes, you can reset all of your skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor for one Skill Point. This will allow you to respec and spend your previously spent Skill points, again. Aside from our above suggestions, you can also experiment with other skills and abilities depending on your playstyle. But note that every time you reset or respec your skills, it will consume a single skill point.

That’s everything covered about the best skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor to purchase first. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to heal and increase your health bar, how to unlock and get the Light Saber parts, and more Star Wars Jedi Survivor Guides in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.