How To Get Commander Outfit In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Here is how you can look all intimidating in the Commander Outfit in Star Wars Jedi Survivor by collecting all of its parts.

Since the previous title in the series, Star Wars Jedi Survivor now has more customization elements, like changing your outfit, one such outfit is the Commander Outfit. If you ever got bored and tired of looking at the same character looking the same, you can now change outfits. Maybe it just feels too non-immersive to walk around all the planets and locations of Star Wars in the exact same outfit. Get yourself a menacing-looking new outfit by following the steps shown in this guide.

How to Find All Parts of Commander Outfit in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

The Commander outfit in Jedi Survivor consists of three parts that you will need to find. Finding them all will combine them into the Commander outfit. Here are the three parts you need to find:

  • Commander Shirt
  • Commander Jacket
  • Commander Pants

Once you get these parts, you will be able to make it into the Commander Outfit. Let’s go more into detail on where you can find these three parts.

Commander Shirt

commander shirt location jedi survivor

The commander shirt is a fairly easy find. Well, because you don’t really need to find it, it’s in Doma’s shop on Koboh as an item you can buy. However, you will need some Priorite Shards to purchase it. This also comes with Commander Shirt Material which can let you change the color of your Commander Outfit in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Commander Jacket

commander outfit jacket star wars jedi survivor

Commander Jacket is slightly more complicated as it requires finding Commander Jacket Material separately. You can find both items in two chests that can have either one of them. The first chest is at Meditation Point in the Anchorite Base which is located in Arid Flats. It is along a path beside a rocky wall.

commander outfit jacket star wars jedi survivor

The second chest is at the Loading Gantry. This one will require a bit of climbing to get to it but you can refer to the image above to understand its exact location on the map to find this Commander Outfit part in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Commander Pants

commander outfit pants location star wars jedi survivor

Commander Pants and Commander Pants Material are the same as before, in two chests that can have either of them. The first chest is at the highest point in Arid Flats, getting there should be simple but will take a bit of time. While the second one can be found in the Loading Gantry in a different location than the earlier Commander Jacket one. Refer to the image above for its exact location. You will need to trigger a mechanism and fling yourself up to a secret room to get it.

How to Change the Color of Commander Outfit

To change the color of the Commander Outfit you will require Commander Mateiral for each of its parts. This means if you want to change the color of Commander Shirt then you need Commander Shirt Material and so on.

That is how you can get the Commander Outfit in Stars Wars Jedi Survivor. If you are trying to get the Shirt from the shop for Priorite Shards check out our guide on how to find Priorite Shards in Jedi Survivor and also how to holster your Lightsaber in Jedi Survivor so you can soak-in your new outfit.