Division 2 Guide – How To Increase Inventory Size

Kevin Almeida
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Inventory size at the beginning of The Division 2 is limited, and carrying limited items is pain. So in this guide you will learn How To Increase Inventory Size in Division 2. A simple tips to upgrade inventory slots to 10, 20 and to max 30. The higher the slots the more items you can carry and use them later for Crafting.

How Increase or Upgrade Inventory Size To Max

To increase inventory slots you have to purchase them from the Perk Chart. Visit Quatermaster who stands at the entrance of Stronghold, next to the Specializations Desk. To increase inventory capacity get some SHD Tech First. This can be found while playing SHD Tech Missions, looting in SHD location and also when you level up you will get some. You have to get enough in order to pay Quartermaster to upgrade your Inventory.

  • Visit Quatermaster and go to the perk section.
  • Inventory 1 increase capacity by 10 Slots
  • Inventory 2 increase capacity by 20 Slots
  • Inventory 3 increase capacity by 30 Slots

The perks are locked and you can go in a line, you have to unlock Inventory 1 to get access to Inventory 2 and so on. You cannot directly jump to Inventory 3. Each perk adds additional slots giving you a massive 60 slot carry things in Division 2, so it is worth unlocking.

Through Quartermaster verify how much SHD Tech requires, then hunt down the mission and loot caches to get enough. Now you know how to increase inventory slots in the Division 2. More slots means more materials and easy crafting. It is also important to focus on Division 2 Farm XP Guide to unlock Specialization that offers you additional path to play game further.

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