The Division 2 – How To Unlock Crafting & Craft Weapon

Unlock Crafting Workbench

Crafting is important in The Division 2 that allows you to create your own items and weapons. You will need to collect Blueprints and unlock workbench before you start crafting weapons.

How to unlock crafting station (workbench):

  • Find Inaya al-Khaliq. You can find here at Theater Settlement.
  • She will be available after Main Mission – Grand Washington Hotel
  • Go to Theater Settlement and you will find her on the rooftop
  • After talking to Inaya return to Base of Operations (White House)
  • You will find Inaya back waiting at the ground floor.
  • Talk to here one more time to unlock the Crafting Station.

You can now craft weapons and items through the crafting station that is also called as the workbench. But to do that you will first need blueprints, and second important things are raw materials. These are available through explorations, completing mission, looting, etc. Collect whatever you got because later it will be necessary for crafting. Workbench upgrade is required to craft higher level items, the first upgrade can be done through Bench Upgrade Blueprint.

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