The Division 2 – How to Unlock Dark Zones Guide

Enter the Dark Zones to grab the Rare Loots

There are 3 Dark Zones in The Division 2 – DZ East, DZ South, DZ West. Each of these Dark Zones contains some of the best loot in the game which will help you upgrade and max out your character with best builds. All you need to do is learn how to survive in these contaminated zones. Here is how to unlock all 3 Dark Zones and take down the enemies.

How to Unlock Dark Zones

Step 1:

In order to enter Dark Zone, first progress in the game by completing main and side missions until you unlock and recruit staff member called Senait Ezera. You can contact her in the alleyway of the Theater settlement.

Step 2:

Once you Unlock her, head back to the top floor of the White House and speak again with Senait Ezera to unlock the quest that leads to DZ East Main Entrance. A very simply quest which is guided by waypoints and end with opening the gate to the Darkzone and extract a weapon.

Step 3:

Now the DZ East Map in unlocked along with all entrances. You can now unlock the South Dark Zone by completing the next mission(check of the gate icon). After South DZ, its time to unlock the North DZ with completing the tutorials(quest) which opens up the respective Dark Zone.

After unlocking all the Dark zones in The Division 2, get ready to loot the best items in the game from weapons to mods and more. Do check the best Tips and Tricks guide on how to survive the DarkZones and Unlock Crafting in The Division 2.

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