The Division 2 Increase Stash Size Perks Guide

How to Increase Stash Size in Division 2

As a beginner in Division 2, you will have limited stash storage, but as you progress in the game you need to carry more weapons, gear, weapon mods. Increasing Stash size early will help you from running out of space. This Division 2 guide helps you get Stash Size Perks and SHD Tech.

How to Increase Stash Size in Division 2

All you need to do is invest in Perks in order to increase stash size in Division 2. You will be purchasing the Stash 1, 2 and 3 perks respectively and each will increase your stash hold capacity.

  • Stash 1 – Increases Stash capacity by 20 slots.
  • Stash 2 – Increases Stash capacity by 30 slots.
  • Stash 3 – Increases Stash capacity by 50 slots.

Simply head to the Quartermaster in your Base of Operations(The White House). Take left from the main entrance then head towards the desk and press Square(PS4) or X(Xbox One) to interact with them. Open the ‘Perks’ tab and find the stash perks, and to increase stash size you need to get SHD Tech.

divison 2 Stash unlock

How to Get SHD Tech

Getting SHD Tech is easy, you can either start completing the main missions in Division 2, but the one which has SHD side missions or try progressing by leveling up fast with looting SHD Tech locations.

Once you have unlocked all the Stash Perk to max in Division 2, you can carry more inventory. We have other basic tips, tricks, and cheats for Division 2 so make sure you check out.

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