How To Unlock Specialization In The Division 2

Tips to Unlock & Use Specialization

The Division 2 has Specialization appears in the end of game, it gives you three new path to do something different once you reach max level. In this guide you will learn how to unlock specialization in The Division 2 and use specializations like Crossbow, Grenade Launcher and Sniper Rifle.

How to Unlock Specializations

  • Reach Level 30. You can achieve this by completing the Story that ends with conquering the Capitol Stronghold.
  • At White House stronghold talk to Quartermaster, he is at the entrance. There is a second desk on his right that will help you to unlock Specialization.
  • Interact and you will see three paths Demolitionist to unlock Grenade Launcher, Survivalist to unlock Crossbow and Sharshoot to unlock Sniper.

How to Use Specializations

Once you unlock you will see three paths as mentioned above. They are not fixed, so don’t worry about selecting one. You can visit the Quartermaster anytime to shift to something else. Some of the specialization in this section is passive, that means you just require carrying the weapon. After picking one you will unlock the respective weapon, the next big thing is to get ammos.


Demolitionist: Grenade Launcher – Use explosives to kill enemies.


Survivalist: Crossbow (Explosive Bolt) – Kill enemies with weapons while they are under status effect like burning or electrified.


Sharpshooter: TAC-50 Sniper Round – Get a confirm headshot to kill enemies.

You can upgrade Specializations using specializations points, for this you have to finish mission with red mark on the map. These are all time consuming missions, you have to keep playing unless you are done and earn a point to upgrade your Specialization.

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